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Very bad cough
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Very bad cough


I'm not sure if this is the right section to put it in but I need help!

I've recently developed a really bad cough over the past few days (during finals....worst timing). It's so bad that I haven't been able to get any sleep over the last couple of days (like maybe 1h of sleep max). At night it seems like I have to cough once every few seconds to once every few minutes. It's not too much better in the morning (took the Tylenol Cough at 1am, in the middle of me sleeping because I couldn't get to sleep). It's almost like....I inhale and then have the urge to cough. I'm not a smoker or anything like that.

Before it developed, I had a headache, sore throat, and dizziness (last Saturday --> November 29), which went away after some Tylenol and sleep. I also have a minor sore throat, which was probably from the spicy beef noodle soup that I had the other day. The cough developed on Sunday. I used the Tylenol Cough pills, but it seemed to affect my concentration on my studies so I attempted to stop. No luck. It just resulted in less sleep, which is worse.

My doctor also gave me some Coricidin II (relieves cough, runny nose, sneezing, pains, fever) when I went to see him about the sore throat that went away (it was pretty bad) which I haven't tried yet since it can make me drowsy (have to study). I guess I'll try it today since I'm out of Tylenol and the cough may have worsened (and I need sleep). Also don't have an exam tomorrow.

Sorry for all the info in brackets. Please help!! What do I do? Right now, I'm running on Halls and other menthol cough suppressants. I don't know what to do. This is the worst cough that I've ever had. I also had an earlier cough in October but it wasn't nearly as bad. The majority of the cough feels dry with some"progressive" type cough in between, but I think I need to suppress it in order to get sleep.


Thanks for your time,
Alex (19 years old by the way...if that's important)
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I have had a chesty cough for around seven weeks, the past 4 weeks its been at its most brutal. It comes in spurts, tho soemtimes can dissapear for a while.

Only now and then is there any sticky phlegm, but not often. Its made me sick only the one, but I almost forced it, as I needed to get it out.

I have had 2 doses of differernt antibiotics, and at both of these times, I also had tonsillitis (I caught it twice in 3 weeks!)

The tonsillitis went, but the cough remians,, I dont feel ill at all, its just playing on my mind and annoying me, quite upsetting.

I DJ in nightclubs on the weekends, and am quite energetic during this time (but dont do any exercise apart from this), I have been 'OK' to be quite mobile, and jump about during this time, which makes me think this is not asthma? I think I may worsen when outside, but not sure if that statement is 100% accurate.
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