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diarrhea for 5 months
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diarrhea for 5 months

Its really getting me down now,ive had diarrhea for 5 months.On one occassion i did stool myself very badly while out shopping and now i have to use the toilet between 5-10 per day (that cant be good).I do avoid going out if i can help it.
I went to my G.P last month and he gave me a months course of fybogel,(but did not work)and now he as doubled the dose to twice daily.
I have not changed my life style or eating in any way.
Could i have a prolapsed bowel?
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Avatar m tn
Hi bonkers71,
I would like to know more details -

1.Your age
2. Quantity of stools passed each time
3. Any blood or mucus in it
4. Whether the stools are soiling your undergarments
5. Any pain abdominal pain or discomfort
6. Any weight loss
7. Whether sleep distrurbed
8. Any upper GI symptoms
9. Any investigation done so far
10 Any medications taken
11. Any other illness you have.

I can give my opinion after getting these details.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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Hi bonkers71, i have had this non-stop diarrhea 10-15 times a day since 1990. everything i ate would come out within a minute in water. good thing that there's no bleeding. my personal views and suggestion is there are a few steps initially to take. have a stool lab done to determine whether or not you have any bacteria, parasites, in your system. if this test comes out normal then have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done. if this examine shows normal too, then there will be a few things think of. 1) if you have a history of overdose or excessive use of antibiotics recently or in the past. 2) if you have any chronic disease or infections that have not possible been properly treated or cured. sinusitis, asthma, lymph, and other infections can force nerve system down that will cause diarrhea. main problem that i have focused on the cause of my non-stop diarrhea, was the overdose antibiotic reaction i had back in 1986 followed by second and third in 1990. what can antibiotics do to your health is a lot. good and bad. todays Doctors have very little belief in antibiotic affects of anatomy. antibiotics exterminate micro floral bacteria (which considered good bacterias) along with good bacterias in your system. there are two ways to damage your system with antibiotics. by overdose or over a long period of time that will kill those good bacterias slowly but effectively. when it happens, bad bacterias that serve in your system as a negative values while good bacterias serve as a positive values. when they both come together they start fighting with each other, while the food that you ate gets caught in this fight and the conflict between the two opposite values causes the food break down and even digest. your intestines are playing the main role of digestion the food and absorbing the vitamins and nutrition and distributing throughout your body. when the level of the good bacterias are dramatically reduced then bad bacterias rule. usually the role of the bad bacterias alone without good bacterias  are evil. they increase the level of toxicity in your system and cause the food poison. and that's not the only thing. they can no longer fight in your system because most of the good bacterias were exterminated by antibiotics and the remainder could not stand and fight against bad bacteris therefore they had to retreat. but good bacterias can be exterminated by other chemicals too. you just need to remember your past medical history and find out what possibly could have changed your health condition. you must have had something going on for a long period of time. i myself can't even list problems i used to have with that damn diarrhea. weakness, dehydration, muscle weakness, dizziness, vertigo, unstable blood pressure up and down. today, its past episodes are expressed in different forms. back pains along my spine, clicking joints often sore, stiff shoulder and neck, bloating, constipation on my right colon and cold weather sensitive.

please feel free to communicate with me any time! i'll be happy to console your stress. in the meanwhile please follow check ups to determine what you have and what might have caused the problem to start. it's very important to be checked for a reason.

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You asked how old i was,im 36 yrs old.
The quantity of stool i pass each time varies but gets worse as the day goes on,but i never have to go during the night.
There is no blood or mucus in it.
They do soil my under garments
I didnt have any abdominal until a few days ago,now i have a constant stitch pain i n my right side.
Im quite sure ive lost weight as my clothes are getting baggy on me.
Ive never been one for sleeping to well
My G.P as told me i will need an internal if the symtoms (symptoms) dont side by the time i finish my course of fybogel
I have not taken any other medication for this problem,but do take other meds
Vitamin B compound
Ive been having this medication for 2 yrs now though,so cant see why this should be the cause.
I have no other illness

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