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Did someone give me schizophrenia?
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Did someone give me schizophrenia?

Hi.  I am a schizophrenic male.  A while before I get schizophrenia, can't remember how long before.  This event occured.  It was somewhere between 2 months, and 5 years before, I got schizoprenia.  I was only a young teenager, and easily tricked at the time.  I smoked pot with someone who at the time was an enemy and hated me.  Later on I got schizophrenia.  I know some substances have been identified as causes of schizphrenia.  Over time I started with a small amount of paranoia, and gradually became more paranoid.  Then when I stopped sleeping I no longer was functional.  

1 Could they have placed something in my mariuana, to give me schizophrenia?  

2 If I go to the police about this, what information should I tell them to convince them to investigate this crime.

3 Where are some other places, I can ask other people about this? I would like to get multiple opinions.  
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If you are diagnosed as having Schizophrenia, the incidence of pot smoking does not seem to have caused it. Cannabis (Pot) is however, known to induce psychosis, which could have a presentation similar to Schizophrenia. Hence, you may need to discuss this issue with your doctor again.

Schizophrenia is known to have a genetic predisposition. And there are no substances or foods that might cause it.

You can explore for more communities and expert forums for opinions. I am not in a position to answer your questions regarding going to the police.

Take care.

Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
alright thanks
Twenty years ago my mother was diagnoised with schizophrenia while she was pregnate with my little sister Jessica.

A. My Aunt Rose and my Aunt Charolette believes that she was became ill due to the fact that she was in her late 30's and she became pregnate. That is what they believe to be true. Is there any truth to that?

B. They gave her a mild medication while she was pregnate and a heavier medication after she had the baby. Is it possible that medication affected my little sister in any way?

C. When my mother was released from the hopsital she got worse and worse. My father believes that it was the medication and threw the medication in the trash. She continued to get even worse. She ended up in a mental hospital for months. Is it possible that the medication made her worse? Is it possible that the action that my father took made her worse?

D. Could me and my sisters inherit this from my mother?

In 20 years she has been hospitalized four times. It took my father a Very long time to accept what has happened and accept the medication. I think we had more problems with my father than with my mother. It has not been easier but from what I understand we have it better than other people do. At least my mother functions fairly well IF she takes the medicine on time. The medicine though eventually quits working but it takes years for it to stop working. It also takes some time to get her on medicine that doesn't have any really bad side effects.

She doesn't see or hear anything at all. However she has severe dullsions. Mainly about my father trying to hurt or kill her. That is her main one.

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