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Need some emotional support
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Need some emotional support

Hi I don't want to come off sounding like a wreck, but...

A little about me - my name is Jo and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in January this year. I have had trouble coming to terms with the illness and I'm also unemployed. I left my last job due to how poorly I felt and have applied for help with benefits.

Well, my boyfriend hasn't been very understanding. To start with he didn't want to know anything about it and he then went through a period of him wanting to know about it and now...well, he's just confused me.

The reason why he's confused me is that my thyroid therapist suggested I invite him to my first appointment with my nutritionist, which is this Friday. He said he doesn't want to go because he feels he will be blamed for how poorly they think I am. In his opinion as long as I look well then I am well.

Because he kept on and on about not wanting to go - even after I said if he didn't want to go it was fine by me - it's left me feeling frustrated and by the looks of things it looks as though only I can get myself well again and back on the ladder, without his help or input. That's what I've been doing anyway as well as getting support through fellow sufferers.

The thing is, I'm a member of a thyroid support forum and some of the people have been writing comments about me "breaking down" and "losing it". I thought the idea of these forums IS to go there for emotional support and help. I am still new to the Hashimoto's diagnosis and have real trouble with my doctors at present too.

Sorry for sounding as though I'm going out of control but is it any reason why I am depressed and have a low mood with all of this going on? Do I sound crazy or weak?


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Hello Jo,

I just finished reading your comments. It's interesting that your post ended up in my box of people asking for suggestions. It just so happens I know
someone who was diagnosed with Hashimotto's this year. How were you
diagnosed ?  Were you diagnosed with a blood test ?  My friend was
diagnosed with a blood test by her doctor who apart from being an MD
also practices Complimentary Medicine.  My friend who has been diagnosed with Hashimotos was put on a shall we say a new food plan
by her doctor.  She isn't allowed to eat any product with gluten, so no
gluten, no dairy products, no casen which is in cheese products, no
nightshades.  Nightshades are these types of food : potatoes, tomatoes,
eggplant. There may be other nightshades but these are the ones I know
about and that she no longer eats. Her doctor also advised her to give up
red meat. So what does my friend eat you may be thinking. Well, she
eats a lot of vegetables, raw fruit and lots of nuts but only certain kinds as
the blood test revealed she is allergic to certain kinds of nuts. Your nutritionist should be able to help you figure out a new food plan as I'm sure every case is different. Since being diagnosed and since changing
the way she eats, my friend has lost over the course of let's say about
six months maybe more, more than fifty pounds.  I can understand why
you might be feeling depressed and have a low mood. Is it perhaps because you're feeling somewhat overwhelmed wondering what indeed
will I be able to eat ?  To me you don't sound out of control. You sound
frustrated and I can understand why. Do you mind if I ask you how long
you and your boyfriend have been together ?  It's very unfortunate that
your boyfriend isn't being more supportive but perhaps he's feeling
somewhat frustrated and confused to. The friend I have talked about who
was diagnosed with Hashimoto's this year as a matter of fact, has a lot
of support from the people around her. I was sorry to hear that the
thyroid support forum was not offering positive comments and giving you
negative feedback. That's certainly not helpful to say the least.
You asked if you sound crazy or weak ? No, you don't sound weak and
you don't sound crazy to me. You sound like someone who is perhaps feeling overwhelmed, confused and perhaps a little bit scared about this
new diagnosis of Hashimoto. But, let me assure you that you will be okay.
I think when you meet with the nutritionist, hopefully, you will feel a lot
better about things. I worked with a nutritionist myself last year. She was
terrific and I'm sure your nutritionist will be equally helpful.. If your boyfriend doesn't want to come along to the appointment that's his choice.
It actually might be better to see the nutritionist for your first meeting by
yourself. My husband didn't come along with me. I actually wouldn't expect him too. To be honest, I've read your boyfriend's reasons for not wanting
to come to the appointment several times and I still don't understand what
he means.  You're going to be okay. You'll need to change the way you've been eating, but it's doable. I wish you well. Jo.  Eve

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Hi Eve,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I was diagnosed with the number of blood tests as long as my arm, but I was first diagnosed in November 2011 with a high TSH and an
ultrasound which noted my thyroid was enlarged. Doctor refused to retest thyroid again and said I had depression, anxiety, mental health issues. I was prescribed anti-depressants three times and never took them.

In January 2013 I moved practices and my new doctor tested me for thyroid antibodies. They were high and she suggested I be retested in 6 months or when I develop more symptoms.

In May 2013 I felt worse and my TSH was sky high with a lowish FT4. I was then started on thyroxine on a gradually increased dose.

In December 2013 I was found to have high Anti-TPO antibodies. The test done a year ago did not state if they were TPO or TG or both. I just wanted clarification on that in case I have Graves' Disease (which I thought I did for a long, long time as I am very slim)

I had the confirmation from my endocrinologist in January this year that I have Hashimoto's.

I am allowed to eat gluten for now (I think I will need to come off it at some point) but I cannot eat dairy as I am lactose intolerant.

Thanks for letting me know about what your friend's nutritionist has said she can and can't eat. I will know more tomorrow I hope.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to lose weight as I am already underweight. How, with an underactive thyroid, sounds strange and that's
been depressing me too as I do not look like a typical underactive thyroid sufferer. My endocrinologist has looked into me possibly suffering from Addison's Disease but adrenal testing for Addison's Disease ruled it out.

So I have a low mood mainly because I do not look as ill as I am or feel. Also I don't think the medication is doing very much and I am on iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and folic acid. I have been drinking more water and I am still tired and depressed.

I also have no job - I left my last job because of how ill I felt and also that my boss did not understand my illness either. So I took the money and left a job that I loved.

I am worried about what I can and can't eat too, yes, as I'm being told conflicting things on some sites. Some say I can't eat bell peppers or Brazil nuts and another site says I can! It's so confusing!

My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years and engaged for 9 years.

I basically said to him at the time we discussed the appointment that it was his choice and he is in fact losing out as to how to understand or learn anything. I spoke to my stepdad about what he has said and my stepdad thinks I have the knowledge and have got a better grip on what I have to do.

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I think it's normal to have all these emotions. I also think u need to stop worrying about how ur fb or anyone else is reacting to all this. Everyone responds differently to stress. Don't expect support and then u will only b appreciative of the positives u encounter.
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Hi Jo,

I'm glad to hear from you. Thank you for answering all of my questions.
I realize you posted your response several days ago. So, you must
have had your appointment with the nutritionist. How did the appointment
go? Did your fiancé come along with you to the appointment. Just
wondering. Was the nutritionist helpful ? Remember the friend I told you
about who was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease last year ?
Well, she has something called a food allergies blood test the results of
which told her what food she was allergic to. These foods she was allergic to were apparently causing inflammation in her body. I know from your
profile that you live in the United Kingdom.  Do you have access to
food allergy blood tests in the UK ?  My friend had to go to a specialist
to get these food allergy blood test results analyzed.  As far as I know,
a regular general practioner doesn't do these specialized food allergy
tests here in Ontario, Canada where I live. You say the sites you visit
are confusing as to what foods one can eat when you have been
diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. I think that's because various
individuals with this disease may not all have the same food allergies.
As far as I can tell, it's very individual. My friend, for example, can
eat some kinds on nuts, but she can't eat other kinds of nuts. She
used to eat almonds, for example. From the allergy food blood tests,
she found out she is allergic to almonds. She can, however, eat pecans,
but I don't think she can eat peanuts as she is allergic to them.
I didn't know that if you eat foods you are allergic to, this can cause inflammation and other symptoms in your body. I myself am considering
having these food allergy blood tests done. Since my friend has had
these food allergy blood tests done, she now avoids the foods she's
allergic to. She's lost about 75 lbs and she says this knowledge has
changed her life. I hope that something I have shared with you today
you find helpful.  I wish you the best.   Eve
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