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Effexor XR Withdrawal
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Effexor XR Withdrawal

I have been on Effexor XR 75mg (three daily) for around 7 years.  I abruptly stopped this medication, quite by accident.  By the time I saw  my physician for an unrelated issue, I realized I had stopped taking the medication 5-7 days before that particular doctor visit.  He asked me how I was feeling, and together we decided that I was past the biggest hurdle as far as withdrawal. The only real withdrawal symptoms I realized I had had was a terrible fight with my spouse (a great deal of anger on my part), and a general feeling of nervousness.  I had more clarity in my thinking, as if a fog had been lifted. Now, about ten days into my withdrawal, I am still feeling very nervous, worried if I am going to have the symptoms that I had that led the doctor to put me on the Effexor in the first place...a feeling of loss, loneliness, and hopelessness.  Some of the feelings are well-founded because I am alone a great deal of time and have no friends at all since moving to this state 7 years ago. My husband and I are not doing well financially, and there is little hope the situation will change.  My question is, how long will the nervousness last, and will the deep-thinking and worrying lift.  Could this all be related to the abrupt withdrawal? I really love the clarity, but I hate the fear that I may become emotionally frail. I hate to think I will have to return to the Effexor just to put me in a fog, so that I can cope with life.
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To be prepared and cope with any withdrawal symptoms, do this pranayam daily. You will notice the good effect on your mind and body in weeks. Let me know, what changes you notice.
Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after one minute.
Kapalbhati pranayam -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day. Children under 15 years – do 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.
Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.
Anulom Vilom pranayam –
Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril  
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril  
then -keeping the left nostril closed  deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Repeat this cycle for 15 to 30  minutes twice a day.
Children under 15 years – do 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

Bhramri Pranayam -Close eyes. Close ears with thumb, index finger on forehead, and rest three fingers on base of nose touching eyes. Breathe in through nose. And now breathe out through nose while humming like a bee.
Duration : 5 to 21  times.
October 11, 2011
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