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Strange raised section of skin
Hi! So, I've never had scabies before, but a friend of mine was visiting and slept in my bed with me after she had been hiking in the woods for several months. I'm also sexually active, so it would definitely be possible that I was exposed to scabies somehow. At first I thought maybe it was an allergy or something else, but now that I'm pretty sure it's scabies, I'll be going to the doctor Monday.

The other thing that has been bothering me is in the same area where the scabies is giving me the most problems (upper thighs near the genitals.) I noticed this before the scabies (or what I think is scabies) but right after I think I was exposed to it. This could be completely unrelated, but it seems like that would be too much of a coincidence. It's a slightly raised red and purple, a little sensitive but not painful. I tend to chafe around the same part of my thigh, so it could be related to that.

Anyway, any ideas on what this could possibly be? I've never had anything like this and wouldn't mind doing a little research before going to the doctor so I know the right questions to ask. Thanks!
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