Constant clearing throat, dry cough, raw feeling???
by DougPoison, Sep 23, 2002
Hello again, those of you who remember me.  Since I last posted, I had a throat scope that found almost no detectable reflux!!!  That is the good news...

The bad news is I am still having bad throat problems off and  on...mostly on for the last two weeks.  All my doctors have released me, but it's as if they don't listen when I keep having this problem on and off.  

Anyone help???:  I have to constantly clear my throat and/or dry cough...and much of the time I feel a raw feeling low in my throat from this.  Sometimes I get a stuffy nose with this and sometimes not...I'm not sure if they're related.  As I said, I'm out of doctors and running out of hope...can anyone provide a miracle???
God bless.
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by Nutcase, Sep 23, 2002
Hi Doug, I have been having similar feelings.  I thought it was reflux at first and went for the Barium test.  Nothing showed up.  I'm going back to the Dr. on Thursday to follow up, so hopefully I will know more then.  At first it was an odd lumpy feeling in my throat and now it's a very dry feeling, I've had a dry cough and have been losing my voice a little.  I've also noticed what seems like a sinus headache and stuffy nose.  I think I am coming to the conclusion that this is just sinus and or allergy related, although I take Claritan daily, this has been a particularly bad season for pollen counts.  So who knows!  I hope things get more tolerable for you, believe me, I know what it feels like to know there is something wrong and you can't get any answers, but sometimes there just isn't an answer!  Good luck!
by virgo57, Sep 24, 2002
I have the same thing and for me it is sinus and allergies.
I have never had it before but for the last few years I have had this. My throat at times feels really raw and sore at the back and I am always clearing my throat with a dry cough. I never get colds or the flu, maybe once every four to five years. I told my doctor and after checking me out she said it was allgeries and offered to prescribe me a throat spray..but I declined as I do not suffer from this all of the time. For me it is not unbearable. The only time I take medication for this is when I get bad sinus headaches but it is sinus/allergy medication from the drug store.
If you find yours is unbearable talk to your doctor about sinus and allgery medication.
Best of Health..virgo
by pjcag, Sep 25, 2002
I have had the same thing for almost a year. mine started with throat clearing but now has moved further down...i call it my throat but i gues its actually my chest/airway? I never cough anything up but it feels like there is something there and when I breathe I can feel the air sort of rattling in there...cant really explain it. No allergy medication, inhalers, etc are helping...it just comes and goes on its own. I'm scheduled for allergy tests for shots next week. If I dont test positive I dont know what I'll do. thats my last hope. When mine is really bad it makes me feellike I have a bad disease..like cancer...hard to explain...
by virgo57, Sep 25, 2002
If your chest sounds like it's rattling..you could have some conjestion or a touch of bronchitis. You should mention it to your doctor. Does he ever listen to your chest? You can always ask for chest x-rays too...just to give you some peace of mind.
best of luck, virgo
by pjcag, Sep 26, 2002
Its hard to explain...it is a sensation of a rattle...oh i just cant explain it. Its like something I feel, not hear...does that make sense. I asked for a chest xray last month and he said it was normal. maybe it is from reflux...can you have reflux without heartburn? I dont have the heartburn and gerd much anymore since nexium. i have noticed that if I do have heartburn and i lay on my right side it relieves it and the same with this crackle, rattle, rustling...whatever it is...i thought that was odd that both are relieved by laying on one side but comes back when i lay on the left side? its crazy
by BentleysMOM, Oct 02, 2002
I suffered from this feeling in the throat and sinus infections for years, until i was diagosed with lactose intolerance. After ellimanting all dairy products from  my diet i dont have the sinus infections or clearing of the throat anymore. I did the throat clearing all the time and it became an annoyance to my family. Give it a try. Might work.
by dude40004, Oct 08, 2002
I am having GERD for 1 year now. I am slightly overweight and tummy is the only place where I grow fat.My doctor prescribed me Zantac , first 150 mg twice a day .after few weeks only it was ineffective then she put me on two pills of 150 mg twice a day ....that also became ineffective after some time then she put me on Protonix twice a day . two months back she shifted me back to zantac and I started having this chest burns in the morning and this continued for a month. I had sore throat in betwwen. I am shifted back to Protonix now and  8 weeks but I am having that bad feeling that something si stucked in my throat..I am continuosly clearing my throat..but nothing comes out...my voice has hoarsness.....throat is drying...I feel good if I dot speak for long time...by the evening, my lower jaw portion is sore because of heavy use in clearing my throat...So my doctor referred me to the ENT ...she did do laryngoscopy..by putting the lighted probe through my right nose and did not find any lump etc...all she found was some swelling near the throat and food pipe junction.She also found lot of nasal fluids (sinus fluids) ...so now she prescirbed me Allegra ( 1 non drowsy capsule in the morning/ 1 drowsy pill in the evening) ....and gave me nasal spray ( forgot the name( to be used once ...


What should I do ???

by Summer2002, Oct 09, 2002
I think one person got this thing right. Lactose intolerance is one main thing for that. I have spent many years and many trips to different doctors and all say,, oh c. sinusitis and leave the doc's room with antihistaminic. Gees. I don't have sinus/allergies, I DO HAVE food intolerance/allergies BUT NOTHING TO DO WITH SINUS ALLERGIES.  See my point? wrong treatment and wrong diagnosis. I have stopped eating mostly all food with preservative, all milk products,,, It was bad,, the milk was the worse,,,, I couldn't breath, very dry throat, all cleaning it too.  As a consequence of food intolerance for over the years I developed tinnutis which, also developed migraines but now I am cured of that ( took Inderal 80 mg for about 15 months, now I am free of pain, but I had to change all dairy products and all food with preservative). Still I am going to visit an ENT this coming Friday to see if I have more nerve damage in both of my ears and see if he can accept that a nerve irratation due to food intolerance are the responsible of tinnutis. Also I made an appoinment with an Immunologist/allergist to go more in detail. I know that only way to get rid of this problem is quitting dairies mostly.
by Meli, Oct 18, 2002
You can have throat and sinus problems from reflux-I know because I have them and bronchial problems as well. My primary care Dr. said it was post nasal drip but allergy meds did not help so I went at my own expense to a teaching hospital clinic where I was diagnosed with severe reflux. Wake Forest Hospital has a good site on vocal dysfunction where you can read about the fact that it takes far less acid reflux to cause throat problems than it takes to cause heartburn. Reading their paper on vocal cord dysfunction due to reflux was what got me out the door seeking treatment for something besides allergy. I am not yet "cured" but doctors are working on it and I am hopeful that eventually they will do something that works.