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Gritty Stools
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Gritty Stools

  I have lower right abd pain, goes to the back,
  and down to the groin area. Also a lot of gas.
  Had surgery 1-1998 to remove a large pelvic mass. DX=Non Hodgkins
  Lymphoma. The CT's(of abd & pelvis) come back as everything within
  normal limits. The Dr.s are saying adhesions are causing the pain,
  but still no answers to gritty stools. Frequent BM's, oatmeal
  consistency, and feel gritty. Any answers?  
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Dear Chris,
Unfortunately, we can provide much help regarding the cause for your bowel sym[ptoms.  IF you had radiation treatment after surgery, it is possible that there is radiation-induced change of the bowel.  It is
necessary for you to have barium or enddoscopic studies of your bowel to exclude structuralcauses for your symptoms.
While you and your physuician decide about what type of investigations to do, you may consider symptomatic treatment with fiber.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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