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Information concerning Gilberts disease and how one gets it and any long term effects.

  Any information concerning Gilbert disease: What is it
  How one gets it?
  Is it dangerous?
  Is it inherited?
  Does it go away?
Dear shirley001,
Gilbert's disease is a benign but chronic disorder characterized by elevation of unconjugated serum bilirubin levels.  The inheritance of the disease is unclear with many cases not haing a familial incidence.  We do not know how people acquire the illness.  usually, it is an incidental finsing during routine blood tests.  A typical scenario, is to find elevated bilirubin during a routine blood test.  Tests to rule out liver disease or hemolysis (accelerated destruction of red blood cells) are normal.The disease is not dangerous and probably does not go away.  Finally, it is quite common being thought to be present in up to 55 of the population.
This information is presented for educationalpirposes only.  always consult your personalphysaician for specific medical questions.
*keywords: liver, jaundice, Gilbert's disease

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