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Stomach Stapling
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Stomach Stapling

I have a friend who just called me this evening wanting me to get information about stomach stapling.  She is very concerned about her weight, and also is concerned about family members thoughts about her weight.

I was wondering where I can get pro and con information regarding stomach stapling.  Most places I have found on the internet just talk about the procedure, but do not give specific pros and cons to the procedure.

I am a very close friend of hers and am very concerned about her going through this procedure.  Her husband is very supportive of her decision, but he has also said that he loves her no matter what.

I want her to know the risks behind this procedure.  I believe she is using this as a desperate measure to be accepted more by her family members.

I would greatly appreciate any direction you can give me of where I can get this information.
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I had my stomach stapled 14 years ago, i was 16 at the time.

The outcome was both good and not so good,


In the first year i was ,constantly throwing up, this was because i could not detect when i was full. Fifteen minutes after a meal i relised that i ate to much for the small Stomach i had.

I became so accustomed to throwing up that even as my stomach became able to handle larger amounts of food i still threw up at least twice a day. This continues for 5 years.

All my teeth were rotten due to the stomach acid from always bringing my food up.

I was constantly tierd due to lack of nutrision and my hair became thin.

A friend helped me and made sure that i stopped bringing my food up.
I now eat like a normal person ( a small eater - normal person)
Even though i went through the 5 years of being sick it was somehow worth it.
I am happy!

The advise i have is, if your friend does go through with this make sure that she is aware that she must eat the right kind of foods and take vitamins. And most important make sure that she is aware of the fact that it is not normal for people with their stomach`s stapled to throw up.

There are some foods that are easily passed through the system, for example, dry crack bread is great, steak - after 14 years i can only have 3 - 4 bite size pieces.

Has your friend thought of gastric bypass. Here is a link she can check out. http://www.obesityhelp.com/morbidobesity/. They have all the pros and cons here to weightloss surgery. Hope it helps
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