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Swallowing or Neck Muscle/Nerve problem?
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Swallowing or Neck Muscle/Nerve problem?

Hey, I would like to thank you in advance for your time. I am a 27 yr. old female. Medication currently taking Zrytec D, Nasonex, Wellburtin XL, Xanax (on occassion), multi-vitamin along w/ numerous supplements, birth control pills, Aciphex on occassion and sometimes Advil. I drink once a week and ex-smoker. Diagnosed with TMJ, suppose to wear a splint every night. Recently getting over anxiety/panic/OCD attacks -disorders. Huge fear of cancer - grandmother died of Ovarian cancer 2 yrs. ago. Had a tonsillectomy one month ago due to chronic tonsillitis. I do frequently pop my neck, back, fingers and wrists but lately it seems like its more harder to pop my neck and back.

Yesterday I went to my chiropractor for neck and back adjustment.  Lower back was catching and my neck was feeling somewhat tight.  Anyway, I was having this weird neck sensation when I would somtimes swallow, just recently started a few days ago.  The sensation is on the back right side of my neck only kind of where the neck and back meet, when I swallow it feels as if the neck muscle is being pulled.  It's not a constant feeling, no pain, no sore throat, no problems swallowing anything, no weight loss, no fever, no fatigue, no hoarseness, no feeling of something stuck in my throat.  Sometimes that feeling of muscle being pulled only happens when I seem to think about it (don't know if its all in my head)!!!The feeling has since gone away at the moment (actually ever since going to the chiropractor yesterday, except for a second or two this morning when taking all my medication) but I asked my chiropractor if it could be muscle/nerve related and he said yes and that my neck seemed to feel a little swollen and to put ice pack on it.  I also told him that when it was feeling weird, I can press on the back of neck with my fingers and swallow and everything feels normal again.  Like the weird feeling would go away when I would press on the back of my neck in that spot.  So he seems to think that it is all muscle/nerve related.  I guess what I am asking is if you think the same from a medical doctor point of view or if I should go see my ENT, don't want to get back in the habit of overreacting and rushing off to the doctor, plus the cost and it's not really bothering at this very moment.  Or if you think it could be something serious (ex. cancer) that I need to get checked A.S.A.P.  Just never really had this sensation before or maybe I have and never noticed.  I'm so confused. Any insight would be very grateful. THank you
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Muscle pain can cause your symptoms, however you want to ensure it isn't anything more than that.  An ENT evaluation is reasonable - a laryngoscopy can be considered to look for any masses in the neck.

If there are problems swallowing, a barium swallow can be considered to evaluate the swallowing mechanism.  

Sometimes GERD can cause a "globus sensation" (i.e. a lump in the throat).  This possibility can be evaluated via an upper GI series.

You may want to discuss these options with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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