Very foul tasting burp and then vomiting?????
by sherri218, Jul 10, 2002
Someone please help me...I have had a upper Gi done, and it showed mild reflux and gastritis, tested negative for H-plyori..I take Prilosec and librax..but I still have these episodes...where I get a unbelievable foul taste when I burp and very soon after that I am vomiting and have diarehha...When I vomit it has the very same taste as the burp and is always the same brown-clay colored....Sometimes it lasts a few hours and sometimes all day or night...I have done this twice just this week...And then it will get better and I will feel fine and then just out of the blue it will start again...I have never had this horrible tasting burp that I havent gone thru the same ritual of vomiting...I dont hurt on one side or the other but in the upper part of my stomach like right where your rib cage goes up it is very tender and thats where it gnaws and hurts..Anyone have any idea...I am so sick of doing this...Thanks SHerri
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by Wilson, Jul 11, 2002
Sherri - have you had a scope yet? I would think your doctor would want to get a direct look at your stomach given your history and the location of your pain. Anyway, I hope you get some relief soon.
by karie, Jul 14, 2002
Too burp after all small bland meals. Can't seem to make my stomach happy.
Whatever has hurt it is sure taking its time to heal . I am sure it is so small now with limited amount of food and diet consumed.
I get burning on my tongue and throat and have to stand and think positive about keeping the meal in. Have you had dry heaves or any diet changes ?
by sickbgone, Jul 23, 2002
Sherrie, does your burp/vomit taste like sulphur or rotten eggs?  I have had this problem for ten years and have yet to find an answer.  I have had an endoscopy, upper and lower gi, I've seen specialists.....no one seems to know what I'm talking about.  I too will feel just fine and then suddenly I have this rotten egg tasting burp and within an hour I'm vomiting and have diarrhea and it does not end until my stomach is completely empty and I'm puking bile.  I've had it happen a couple times a month, and sometimes only a couple times a year, but it's always there.  I tested positive for H pylori though and was treated twice to get rid of it.  I haven't had an episode since, about four months now, but I'm waiting for it to hit again.  The only thing I've noticed that helps SOMETIMES, is I'll take an antacid like tagament and I'll go straight to bed.  Sleeping seems to get rid of it for some reason, weird.  I know what you're going through and I'm so sorry.  I would keep persisting with doctors until someone takes you seriously and helps you find out what this is.  Good luck to you!
by JimF, Sep 09, 2002
I recently had the same symptoms which lasted for a little over a day.  About a month later I had it all over again.  Does anyone have any idea what this is?
by Natashia145, Feb 27, 2008
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