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eosinophilic gastroenteritis

  Dear Doctor -
  I am a 29-year old female who has been diagnosed with eosinophilc
  gastroenteritis after three years, on and off, of getting sick after
  many meals and often times vomiting for no reason at all in the
  middle of the night or at random times during the day.
  My doctor put me on prednisone for about three months and the problems
  went away, However, a few days after finally stopping taking the
  prednisone the symptoms slowly began to return and I'm quickly
  getting back to the stage of feeling sick all the time and vomiting
  I can not go back on prednisone because the side effects were too terrible
  to bear again. My doctor is now trying to treat me with an allergy
  medicine called Zyrtec, but that does not seem to be helping.
  My question is - is there anything that will cure this, or is it
  something I need to live with forever unless I take prenosine for
  the rest of my life?
  Please help! Thank you -
  Beth R.
Dear Beth R.,
If certain foods obviously cause symptoms, a trial elimination diet may help induce a clinical remission. However, in most individuals a specific food will not be isolated. Short courses of oral corticosteroids usually produce a clinical remission. Periodic courses of steroids may be necessary for relapses and some patients require a low maintenance dose. Some patients will respond to sodium cromolyn. Surgery is indicated in patients with complications such as: bowel perforation, obstruction or refractory disease. I hope you find this information helpful.
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