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Seasonal Wipeout From Humidity?
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Seasonal Wipeout From Humidity?

For three years now, i have suffered so bad with fatigue from Spring to mid-fall.
I have allergies to a lot of things, pollen, grass, mold, etc.  I wonder, can you be allergic to humidity?
If humidity is over 50%, it can form mold inside, not sure about out.  Does anyone know if humidity is
related in any way to mold or mold allergies?
Last year i was totally bed-ridden from pollen and humid weather.  I am on allergy drops and thought they
were not working, but got retested, and they are.
Last year i invested in a portable ac for my bedroom, air purifier, hepa filter for ac, and i still feel so fatigued
on humid days whether i am inside in ac or out, weird.  The only other solution i can think of is trying a
dehumidifier and getting a mold kit for my condo.  They even replaced my bedroom window because the
roof leaked and water went under some of the shingles.  They said they didn't find any mold near my window
but they did reshingle and insulate the whole building over again.  Idk what else to do.  I am beginning to think
there is mold in my walls.  No black mold or mold seen anywhere.  I have been in the same unit for over 25
years and always felt worse in winter.  Now it seem spring to fall are my worst seasons.  Anyone have any
idea what is going on?  Why don't i feel better in ac when i used to before if it was humid out?
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Specialists who check for mold I believe are quite expensive, but might be worth it for peace of mind about your home.  Humidity I believe can indeed cause mold to thrive.  

We have a dehumidifier in our basement as it gets very humid down there and we've had mold grow in a closet.  We also got a radon mitigator as we live in a place prone for the dangerous gas and levels in our home were way too high.  I hope you can't be allergic to humidity itself, as that's just a high amount of water in the air, but if it's hot, the combination can really sap a person.

Re: your tiredness- have they checked your ferritin (stored iron) and blood iron levels to be sure you aren't iron deficient?  Have they checked your B 12 level in your blood to make sure it isn't low? Have they checked your thyroid function to make sure your thyroid is not sluggish?
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