Aching pain between molars
by sca2985, Jul 21, 2010
I have terrible aching and throbbing pain between two of my molars. I have never had pain before but I noticed that when I would floss rather vigorously (and not as carefully as I should, I can get a bit aggressive when it comes to flossing.) after some time that area would start to hurt. The more I flossed the more pain I had. But the pain would subside about a minute after flossing, so I didn't think much of it, and continued flossing. (Note: I haven't just started flossing either. I have been flossing every day for about two years now so my teeth should be used to it).

But yesterday that region began to ache even when I wasn't flossing and now it won't quit. I guess it's possible that there is a cavity between my teeth but my dentists JUST saw me a week ago and said everything looked fine. So I'm starting to believe it might be inflamed gums. It also doesn't help that I continue to mess with it :) I have an appointment with my dentist for tomorrow but I'm rather nervous about the outcome and I don't have a ton of money to spend since I just spent it on my last dental checkup a week ago. I have no sensitivity to cold or hot, in fact I had some warm green tea and it seems to soothe the pain a bit. I have tapped my teeth and they don't hurt. I'm starting to think it's my gums but I wasn't sure if anyone else has had this issue. Can you actually injury your gums this badly from flossing? Could this be a sinus related issue even though it's only two of my teeth and not one side of my mouth and/or jaw? I have sinus polyps that are getting pretty bad and wondered if this could also be the issue. Thanks!
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by jojo983, Jul 22, 2010
Hi, You can damage your gums by flossing to hard,floss gently.Have your dentist check for gum recession in that area and it would'nt hurt to use Sensadine toothpaste for a couple of days.Rinsing with warm salt water a couple of times a day would probally help...rinse and spit.