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Chronic throat problem, no diagnosis!
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Chronic throat problem, no diagnosis!

Im 20 years old, general good health.

I have a number of bother symptoms that doctors havent given me a clear diagnosis for.

1. Sore/Itchy Throat present (sometimes better, sometimes worse) for 2-3 months

2. Feeling of pressure and mild pain (general inflamation (inflammation)) when i touch/press on the neck area and below my ears - no visibile swelling, docs palpated it and all. - this going on for 3-4 weeks

3. Earache  - for 3-4 weeks , getting worse lately

4. Dizzyness - sometimes better sometimess worse

5. Pressure like aches and stabbing like pains now an then arround my cheeks, face bones and in my forea head.

6. Occasional moderate headaches that seem linked to all this.

7. Feeling of congestion/constriction(not breathing well) in nose and throat

I have rulled out:

1. Lung related issue - scans

2. GERD or any digestive related issue - endoscopy (btw it was horrible)

My last visit to ENT specialist was quite confusing. They said that not much appears wrong with my throat and that perhaps there is a chronic sinus problem. They gave me exams for bugs/fungus in my throat and nose (to find out if there is any that is). Still waiting on results.

My only problem with the sinus thing is that the throat started before the pain and other symptoms. I dunno what to think. I was starting to think about throat cancer. Anyone have any clues?

PS. Also worried cause im a smoker since las june.
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go back to your ent specialist and ask him to do an endiscopic look at your adenoids (adenoids) and if he asks why tell him to look up adenoid lymphoma and also adenoid carcinomas it can cause all the sytoms that you have descibed and also if it is that all they will have to do is the endiscopic proceedure (disgusting numbing spray up the nostrils little camera up the nose however they can see if there is anything enlarged or looking abnormal. Or you other option is to get them to do a can scan with a contrast of the sinus (adenoid area, middle ear area as well as get them to check for the lymph nodes as well. this can help to show up anything that is enlarged, growths that shouldn't be there or if your lymph nodes are abnormally enlarged. If any of this is the case then they should organise for you to have your adenoids (adenoids) or your lymph nodes biopsied depending on what comes up abnormal if anything does. Do not be afraid to ask for these things as you are dealing with  a serious area of your body and if it does happen to be lymphoma or carcinoma you will need to get on to this straight away and yes you will possibly have to give up the smoking to get the adenoids (adenoids) removed for the biopsy if you need that done. good luck.
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