Nose bleeding and foul odor
by bebe72, May 17, 2012
I have a nose bleed for 3 month. My doctor gave me anti hestamine and nose spray but my nose become dry after taking the anti histamine, and this few weeks i started to have a foul odor in my nose and still my nose bleed coming back from time to time. My nose dripp with bad smell also. Can you advice me how to cure my nose bleed and the foul smell. thank you
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by Si99uk, May 17, 2012
The foul smell could indicate a sinus infection requiring antibiotics. As for the nose bleeds, I'm not sure but might be linked to the possible sinus infection.
by Paderla Anitha, DNB Blank, Jun 09, 2012
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Your symptoms of bad foul smell in the nose could be due to sinus infections. They are due to stasis and infection of the sinus cavities, and the resultant drainage into the nose causes the bad smell. Facial pain, fever and nasal discharge are the other symptoms of sinusitis. In addition to discharge nasal bleeding can occur with sinus infections. Nosebleeds can also occur due to trauma, exposure to warm dry air more common in winter months, rhinitis, infections, vigorous blowing, foreign bodies and deviated nasal septum.

For chronic sinus infection, typical antibiotic treatment is for 4-6 weeks.  A nasal steroid spray is also beneficial as well as oral steroids.  Nasal saline irrigations over the counter like NeilMed or Neti pot are very effective. The best diagnosis for this problem is a CT of the sinuses. Surgery is recommended to patients that fail maximal medical treatment. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
by Margot49, Jun 12, 2012
Agree with that advice.  I would think the antihistamine would aggravate the nose bleeds.  I used to get them often.  Was told to use the saline spray which really didn't help much.  Oddly enough, I did have a nose bleed today but it is hot and dry here.  What I use every morning and sometimes at before bed is the NeilMed nasal GEL.  I also started using a humidifier in the bedroom at night.  I do also have chronic dry mouth and throat.  The gel has really helped.
Agree you should get checked for infection