Right nostril only septum wall is red and tender
by Mcatanio, Apr 30, 2013
Hello Everyone,

I have a follow up appointment with my ENT in a couple weeks and I want to try and figure out what the issue is here so I can try and portray the problem better to him.

This effects my right nostril only but that is possible because I have a deviated septum and I cannot breathe out of the left one very much.

Anyways, in my right nostril up along what I could only describe as the inner septum wall quite often becomes VERY tender and hurts very badly that it causes a very bad head pain on the right side of my head only. Eye hurts, face hurts, head hurts, of course nose but only on the right side. Mucus discharge from that nose is generally clear unless it obviously came in contact with the inner septum wall where its red/tender/bloody then there are specs of blood in the mucus and it tends to be a very dark grey or green color.

I attached a picture of the troubled area. Maybe someone could at least give me the correct name to tell my doctor the spot.

Thank you all in advance.
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by Paderla Anitha, DNB Blank, May 05, 2013
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Your symptoms could be due to a nasal ulcer. When the crusts are removed do you see a ‘weepy’ surface, then the cause is most probably infection. Practice good ‘nasal hygiene’, i.e avoid using fingertips to remove the crusts, as they harbor infection causing bacteria. The nose ulcers described could also be due to blowing too much or if the air is too dry. Try using an OTC saline spray. Avoid blowing your nose too hard till the sores heal and use a soft Kleenex. Please consult your doctor for further evaluation.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.