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Sore, dry, throat. For 10+ years. Help?
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Sore, dry, throat. For 10+ years. Help?

Since I was about 10 (I'm now 24) I've had a sore, dry, throat. The main symptom I thought to put into words is that I drink more water than I used to (it doesn't help much but my throat feels so parched).

The response of adults? "Good, you should drink more water."

So eventually I stopped complaining about it. Whilst I had repeated throat infections (bad tonsils, read below) doctors normally couldn't see anything wrong other than it maybe being a bit red.

- It's still dry all the time, it makes it difficult to talk (I often have to clear my throat, I'm not sure how much that sticks out to other people but it bugs me).
- It HURTS. All the time it's like there's a fresh, aching, wound back there. Not normally sharp pain just continuous and dull.
- Drinking (alcohol) helps! It's a major bonus and much as I hold my alcohol well I do tend to get more chatty because I can keep talking without my throat feeling like it's about to cave in on itself!
- Sometimes it feels like it's dried out and cracking, though I've never coughed up blood or such...
- Far worse when I'm stressed! Sometimes I feel my throat painfully close up when I'm upset about things, but I suspect that's normal and that my sore throat just makes it more obvious?

I'm 24 now and the internet's come a long way so hoping I can get some answers?

My only theory is that it stems from my repeated illness/throat infections since I was little (I had crappy tonsils that I didn't insist were removed until I was 20). I also suspect I have nasal polyps from this but I'm not sure those could make my throat feel this way? And I don't think my difficulty breathing through my nose came until much later.

I do have pet allergies and pets but I've never noticed holidays or time around said pets making much difference to my throat (it's just as bad whether I'm visiting friends in the states or cuddling my cats). I have asthma that my pets trigger so I'm normally aware if my allergies are playing up.

Does anyone have any ideas? Answers? Similar experience?

Combined with my near-constant headaches I think my mental health must be suffering from continuous pain, even if it is generally mild!
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^^^ Oh, and it's suspected I had glandular fever when I was little. I had a phobia of injections so avoided the testing when it would have shown up, but I had all the symptoms. That combined with my tonsils to make me ill a LOT.
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