Very sharp sinus pain on bridge of nose/near eye when chewing or teeth touch
by alex74, Mar 04, 2007
I am 33 weeks pregnant and had a horrible cold two weeks ago that I was treated with antibiotics for. My sinus' haven't recovered fully since that illness and now when I go to chew I get a very sharp stabbing sensation near the bridge of my nose/behind my right eye. Is this just sinusitis?
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by soulwisher, Mar 03, 2009
re: your comment about sinus pain on/besie bridge of nose near your eye when chewing or biting down...

I have the same problem only I am not pregnant and it's my left side not my right.... was there ever any reply to this? Did you find out what is causing it? I had a virus of some type about a month ago and it left me with a bad cough but that's it. I noticed the pain today and am tryign to figure out what it could be.. .it has me a bit worried. Glad it's not just me though. :) Any response would be appreciated.
by Trina37, May 03, 2009
My pain is NOT all the time.. It is located on the bridge of my nose slightly to the left side- When I put my make-up on the pain felt like someone was pulling my skin off with a plier! What is strange is after the first initial excruciating touch like a fool I had to of course touch the area again too see if indeed the area was sore all of a sudden- But when I touched the area again- NO PAIN? Hmmm? I touched and pressed all over still NOTHING-- not thinking anymore about this strange incidence about 1 hour later I was doing my hair and very lightly swept a piece of hair away from my nose and apparently touched that "weird" spot on the bridge of my nose again and WOW! It was all I could do from passing out! The pain was sooo intense and lasted about 20 seconds without easing up-- It comes on with a BANG and is sooo intense then GONE- I can touch the same area afterward and NOTHING- No Pain no sensitivity Nothing-- I went straight to the ENT he looked in my nose and said I have a little sore in there a dry spot called "Vegas" nose he said he had the same thing but no pain on the outside- he went to Hawaii and the sore on the inside cleared up-- he prescribed AYR- nasal ointment and Neosporin-- The sore has long been gone but this mysterious pain still comes and goes- I have since had a weird pain in the back of my right eye that comes all of a sudden and then POOF-GONE! (my nose pain is on left side of bridge) I have felt a bit dizzy- But this pain is NOT constant only when I accidently touch it WOW! So Painful I can't see straight- then after 15 or so seconds GONE then I can touch the area sometimes almost an hour later NO PAIN-- It's like a nerve or something gone awry?
by Nancy T, May 03, 2009
Look up trigeminal neuralgia and see if that fits your symptoms.
by SusanBeaux, Sep 03, 2009
Hey guys, I just started experiencing this sinus pain/tenderness while I am chewing too! It is on my right side and feels like it's kind of in the bone, very close to my eye. I asked a friend about it and she felt certain that it's due to a condition called TMJ, which means that your upper and lower jaw don't quite line up with one another. To test if you have TMJ: put one index finger on each side of your jaw, then open your mouth wide. If your left and right side jaws pop (that is, seem to open fully) at different times, then you probably have TMJ. This condition can cause all sorts of problems and discomforts, including this sinus pain and can even sometimes prevent the fluids in your nose from draining properly! But I asked my friend and she said it's not really a dangerous thing--mostly it's just uncomfortable. And you can get your jaw massaged by a professional, which may help!