Viral infection with ringing in ears
by Zootal, Apr 01, 2010
About 6 days ago I became ill. The symptoms are low fever - 99 degrees, mild ringing in my ears with some mild loss of hearing in one ear, overall feeling of fogginess, loss of appetite, lethargy, and breathing difficulty where sometimes I feel like I have to consciously breathe when I'm at rest. The ringing caused no sleep for about 4 nights, and the breathing kept me from falling asleep one night.

After 6 days, the ringing in one ear has subsided to the point where I can now sleep, the other ear remains the same. The breathing sometimes keeps me from sleeping, and comes and goes but does not interfere with any other activities. I can work and climb stairs, the breathing is just sometimes uncomfortable when at rest.

I saw doctor, doctor said I had viral infection in sinuses/ears and I should wait 7-10 days for it to clear. My lungs are perfectly clear. Suggested mucilage/expectorant.

While I feel much better today and slept 9 hours last night, the ringing in one ear remains and I still have these mild breathing spells that sometimes keep me from sleeping. Appetite is resuming, lethargy is gone. I feel foggy, but I attribute that to lack of sleep as I did not sleep for four nights.

Prior to this I did not have these symptoms, they all hit at once.

Question: Are these symptoms common for viral infections? Is there any reason not to expect my ears to clear and the ringing to completely go away? Is there anything I can do, and is there any reason for alarm?
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