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What symptoms can be associated with chronic sinusitus?
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What symptoms can be associated with chronic sinusitus?

As stated above "what symptoms can be associated with chronic sinusitis"?  Is it possible chronic sinusitis, deviated septum, nasal polyps and a mucus pocket could lead to anxiety, depression, lack of self esteem and nervousness?  Thanks!
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Hi, symptoms associated with sinusitis which is inflammation of sinuses, could be maxillary, frontal sinuses etc. are  nasal congestion, facial pain, headache, fever, general malaise, thick green or yellow discharge, feeling of facial, aching teeth etc

Well, anxiety/ depression are not directly related with sinusitis but as for any other chronic disease which interrupts routine work do cause anxiety. This could be incidental finding too!
I suffer from chronic sinusitis due to allergies (i believe) and have had two sinus surgeries to flush, and correct a deviated septum. My sinusitis improved slightly as a result of the surgeries however still remains to irritate and make me feel uncomfortable nearly every day. My ears get plugged up and i feel alot of pressure throughout my head. I suffer from chronic anxiety as well which i feel is a result of the sinusitis. My assumption of the correlation is due to improved or less anxiety when my head is feeling better. Lately the anxiety has been turning into a little depression and sense of doom. I am searching for some kind of relief (i do not want to take anti-depressants) but i just wanted to let you know that someone out there has had a similar experience.
Man am I in the same boat. Last year I had sinus surgery which made me feel no better at all. I have extreme diziness at times which has caused anxiety.

Last year I was blessed to get two colds/cold like symptoms that allowed me to blow mucus out like crazy!!!!   I felt better instantly, little to no anxiety when I wasn't congested.

Now it's April and I'm sick again. Allergies worth checking?  I've never been tested.
Last year I started having really bad swallowing problems and it lasted 2 weeks. I went to my doctor and she said it was to do with my sinuses. I got a nose spray which helped and then my swallowing had improved but only for a few days. Throughout all this I had been moody and not my self.

I had a blood test done and my doctor said she will call me the next day to tell me what it said. That is when my problem started she never ended up calling and I started wondering "what if I have cancer, what if this.. that ..etc"
From that day I got all the anxiety symptoms and would just be scared of dying CONSTANTLY.

It's been happening for 5 months now and I just do no want to settle with anxiety. I had 3 more blood tests and more visitis to that doctor and another one for a second opinion.   Seeing as all my tests came back they just tell me it's anxiety but why. I mean I was never like this it's just not me.

My mum has it but she got is as a result of living in the war and all. and my doctor said I can't get it from her. She also has depression. I've never given any thought to dying before like if I think of it once it jsut goes away after a minute but now it's like always in mind and I hate it. I know everyone is scared and gonna die one day but why can't I stop myself from thinking of it ??

My symptoms are:

yellow nails
chest pain (but near my ribs)
Eye budging
stuffy nose (had a tissues with me at ALL times fro as long as I can remember)
interested in things I like
frequent toilet trips
face pains expesh when leaning forwards

and moreee I can't think of right now....

I even had an liver X-Ray and went to an eye doctor and they said I'm all good.

My doctor is so confusing. First she said it anxiety then she says it ain't . =S

well my mum also has bad sinuses which she was meant to get operated but did not...

I just really want it to be something other then anxity I am only 17 and do not want this for the rewst of my life I had enough in 5 months and would not wish this on anyone.
It's so sad that so many people go through this and worse.

so what other things can this be ??
and did anyone ever get told its anxiety and then found out it is not and it was something else causing it ?

help would be greatly appreciated

thank youu

I'm not a doctor, but my dad was, and whenever he saw people with your symptoms (the bulging eyes being the most obvious clue) he'd point out that they probably had a thyroid problem.  You may wish to go to a different doctor or an endocrinologist for that.

Chronic sinusitis is more common in thyroid problems, so you probably do have that, which could contribute to your problems.  I recommend you see an ENT for that, but if not, I do have the cure for chronic sinusitis in my journal.  It's a risky procedure, because you have to bend over in a shower, or maybe outside in the grass, which would be less risky, but you are only 17 so it would be a very low risk for you.


update on me from April last year. I finally went to see an allergist and made him listen to what I was going through. I had a positive blood test and biopsy for Celiac disease!  I was happy to find an answer and I hadn't researched Celiac much. Read about if you feel "off" that's what I've been telling my PP for over 3 years.  I'm just starting gluten free living.
thanks for your reply
I only saw this now cos I haven't been using this site for a while
I am doing another set of blood tests tmw
see my anxiety always comes up when I get a bad flu or in this case before it
it started again a week ago it *****
I can't deal with it anymore ;(
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