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problems with taking pills....gel cap got stuck to my vocal cords... I ...
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problems with taking pills....gel cap got stuck to my vocal cords... I could not breath....

Ihave always been able to take Gel caps and anything smaller than 800mg Ibuprophen as long as it wasn't circular. Today however I woke up and took a tylenol sinusgel cap & it wouldnt go down.I proceed to really choke this time not like all the others,I was literally gagging on my own vomit)I was trying to get it to move up or down didn't matter)and then it felt like I was going to drown on my own vomit.But when I did vomit I couldnt breath.(vomit=breath but it felt like I would inhale it proceeded by not vomiting and I could not breath...)It doesn't make sense I didn't want to call 911 b\c my husband is a deputy and away at academy & I knew they would all come if I called in(they did)but even as I felt stupid(how could one suffocate on a tylenol gel cap,really..)If I would just wait it would melt just like all the other times & go down,the girl I babysit for showed up and I was gasping and gurgling and she called 911.Before they showed up it dislodged.I felt so stupid but I also knew at the time I truly felt like I was going to suffocate or drown.I was told to go to the Dr.even though I felt well.that if I aspirated I could develop pneumonia.I went.he didn't think so but told me after feeling my throat that he thought that the pill stuck itself to my vocal cords.which made me feel like I was taking fluid in my lungs,I can still ehhmm and stuff comes up.should I still try to get an antibiotic to prevent pneumonia?alsoI don't really understand how I could choke like that one way then another. also is it possible to have a smaller than normal"throat"? should i be worried about anything else.Also is it safe to crush meds?gel caps can u brake them? Or should I try to stick with liquid? Ive always just taken them (pills)when I needed to knowing in my head you can't truly choke or suffocate on something that small but I did,even if it sounds stupid I know I did and so did the girl I babysat for..this isn't in my head..Thankyou,J.Parsons I would very greatly appreciate any answer you my have time to send.
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   I wish someone had answered your post.  My daughter took a Relacore PM gelcap and has had it stuck in her throat for over 36 hours. It is a big blue capsule. She had a similar experience to yours. She feels that it has glued itself near her trachea.  After coughing and vomitting she had difficulty breathing.  Because she has no health insurance she has tried to tough it out hoping it would eventually dislodge.  She has tried various throat maneuvers including the Heimlich maneuver, drinking hot and cold liquids, breathing steam and waiting.  Now she is on her way to the ER.  
   Last night we put one of those big blue gelcaps in a glass of lukewarm water to see how long it would take to dissolve.  As of 9:30 this morning it was still in tact.  
   Does anyone have advice?
I just had this happen to me this week, it's a horrible feeling.  I took four pills at once and it was probably the gel cap that got stuck somewhere.  Big mistake, take one pill at a time and drink water before, during the swallow and after.

It's difficult to differentiate between something actually being stuck and a scratch in your throat that feels like something is stuck.

So I proceeded to do experiments to see if the pills would actually dissolve in room-temperature water.  Tablets will completely, gel caps on the other hand won't, they just get squishy but don't dissolve.  You have to use hot water for gel caps.  So I would suggest drinking a full glass of hot tap water, not scalding, a few times in an hour and see if that helps.

If you feel better I would lay off of eating solid foods and taking pills for a day and see how it goes.  If you still feel like something is stuck with no improvement the best thing to do is go to the doctor or hospital and get an esophagoscopy to really get in there with a camera and look, only way to be sure.

I read a documented case about a woman who perforated her esophagus by swallowed a piece of carrot and examinations didn't detect it and they sent her home, she came back a day or so later to the hospital with worse symptoms and died.  Wow, I didn't know you could die from that, that's horrible.  The family sued for malpractice and won.  

So if you really feel uncomfortable and it doesn't get better after a day, go to the hospital.  Doctors say you have about 48-72 hours before it becomes a serious issue.

Also, to improve the flow of vomiting, fill up a glass of water, take at least 2-3 gulps and let that get in your stomach before you vomit.  This will make it come out a lot easier and completely, it won't be so thick, that's what makes you choke.  If you have to vomit multiple times try to drink water inbetween.  Also good to wash your mouth out afterwards and get all of that acid out of your mouth.
I have the same issue vit d gel capsule its been 24 hours. How did your daughter resolve her issue?
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