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shoulder, neck, ear pain
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shoulder, neck, ear pain

just found this site..what a blessing. I have had frozen shoulder for 2 years in both, finally able to move freely but pain has gone into upper arm on both sides, can't sweep the floor or pull a weed without major muscle pain the next day. reason I'm bring this up under this catagory is I have a reacuring symptoms.  I get congested, cough up yellow yuk neck is sore, shoulders get very painful, can't lay down or sit for long time, this pain starts a cycle when it gets bad I then have to go to bed with horrible pain in all shoulder on one side up the neck, head and into my right ear drum which feels like it's going to burst, with dizzyness and vertigo, nausa, ringing in ears & loss of hearing, it then goes back over my head and into the other ear and neck, it will subside after a few days but never goes away I have had this for at least 3 years. yes I also have tmj which I have had 4 surgeries for but that was years ago last surgery 1992, I wear a mouth guard at night, no real problems with my tmj but have been told that since I have it it is the cause of most of my pain. the ear pain is the worst it feels like a hot knife stabing me in my ear drum. going to bed at night is also the worst, I stay up as long as possible have to take something to help me sleep & ice bags for pain and heat. I'm at a loss now I reserve to the fact I'll never be able to do things, small work in yard & house, the muscles in my arms are gone, can't hold grandbaby, I'll be in bed for two days. I've alsothink I might have fibromylgia (fibromyalgia) (spelled wrong)on & on ..this is alot I'm sure I've left out something...I do try to be positive,,,I'm better than most & worst than some. thank you for any help
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There seems to be a lot of problems troubling you. Regarding your shoulder, an orthopedician  would be of a better help to you.

Regarding your cough with phlegm in the throat, I feel you are having acid reflux problems (probably because of your medicines), try drinking plenty of warm water and take medicines for your acidity (such as esomeprazole).

For your ear problems you need to consult your ENT specialist and get a thorough examination done, as well get Pure tone audiometry done to find out the amount of hearing loss. Also try applying pain relieving gel over the TMJ and take oral acetaminophen for pain.  

Any more doubts you are welcome.

thanks for getting back to me

I have seen all doctors above.  the phlem comes and goes with the pain, I always know when my shoulder and ear pain is on it's way cause I start coughing up this stuff and then after the pain is gone it  subsides and  the phlem goes away and no more coughing, pain is almost gone and pretty normal then starts up aagin this goes on about every 15-30 days some days I can make it get better but not go away. I try not to stay in bed when this goes on but sometimes my equilibrum is so bad I have to got to bed, cause it feels somewhat better when I'm up. I hate going to be every night.
the only meds I take are over the counter pm meds at night to go to sleep and my hormones in the morning. my shoulder dr just now put me on anti flamtory as needed.
been through the hearing test and everything for meniers (sorry spelled wrong) had one dr say I had it and another say no. my shoulder dr says I don't need surgery yet cause I can now raise my arms above my head after a year of therapy etc... but any kind of work or activity just makes it worse. I thought maybe I should do more therapy so I'm doing that now for, but with  caution. It's a big cycle. I forgot to mention that when I start with the coughing and phlem I usually get nose bleeds and sometimes I get clear cust in my right ear. thought about my jaw joint implants but my maxifacial dr says everything looks good so far. I plan things with family & vacations etc... but never know from day to day if I can do anything, my family understands so far, very supportive thank goodness very lucky I know.
thanks for your help.
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