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21 yrs old with Erectile Dysfunction?
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21 yrs old with Erectile Dysfunction?

I have a BIG problem: Twice last week I went out to the bar and BOTH times I brought a different girl home that was DTF (down to ****). Both times I was fairly drunk.

And yet, sadly, I have not gotten laid in a year. I'M IN COLLEGE FOR CHRISTS SAKE!

Both times I was unable to obtain an erection. (And about 3/5 times before that last year as well) SOOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!

I have been extremely depressed the past few days but now I am trying to take a more proactive approach with this. I have been researching and I have kind of boiled down my problem to several potential causes:

1) Pornography - I hear excessive porn can cause ED. Effective immediately, I'm stopping PMO as long as I can.

2) Smoking cigarettes - recently (about the last 5-6 months). I'm gonna quit

3) Alcohol - I drink (sometimes heavily with my friends). I'm cutting back.

4) Exercise - or lack there of! I used to be in great shape in high school and I've fallen out of shape this past year. Does working out REALLY help?

5) Medication - I have taken the same ADD medicine since high school but I can't find any sexual related side effects.

For God's sake, I'm 21! I should NOT be having trouble getting an erection when a BEAUTIFUL girl is literally BEGGING for it in my own bed.

Sometimes I can't get it up at all, sometimes I fly at "half mast" and don't get hard enough for penetration, and others I lose the erection as I'm messing with the condom. And for me, once it's gone.... it's gone.

I REALLY don't want to go on Viagra or any drug like that.

*****These problems have made me question every aspect of my life (such as what if I get divorced or never even get married because the sex isn't good enough? Am I doomed to live a sexless life?).*****

Also, I don't have any trouble getting an erection when I'm alone, which is the saddest part. I'd rather it be the other way around!!!

I hope this helps someone.

PLEASE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE YOU HAVE (especially if you have been though this).
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If you are 21, and not on specific medications and don't have a serious medical condition, the causes of your copulatory ED are almost certainly anxiety or porn—or a combination of the two. Here's a simple comparison test to check for porn-induced ED:
1. Masturbate to your favorite porn.
2. Try to masturbate using no porn and no fantasy - only sensations. Masturbate with same speed and pressure as you would during intercourse.

Compare one and two. How erect was your penis? How long did it take you to reach orgasm? What was your level of excitement? A healthy young man should have no trouble attaining a full erection and masturbating to orgasm without porn or fantasy.
1. If you have a strong erection on #1, but problems on #2, then you have porn-induced ED.
2. If #2 is strong and solid, but you have trouble with a real partner, then you have anxiety induced ED
3. If you have problems during both 1 & 2, you may have severe porn-induced ED, or an organic problem. When in doubt, see a good urologist.

The following 2 links are to Medhelp threads on porn-induced ED. Read the stories. If you want to know more locate my first 2 posts on the link #1

On  GOOGLE VIDEO find  “Erectile Dysfunction And Porn” - watch the video series.

Here’s a Psychology Today article on it
Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem

PS - all the other factors listed are irrelevant at age 21.
I know this is old but ive had the same thing happen to me i am also 21 was 19 when it was happening just got out of a relationship and had a gorgeous blonde dancer in my bed begging for it every night, it is anxiety and too much masturbation or porn it can desensitize you, sexuality is so complicated because our conscience thought gets in the way of natural desires. If we acted on impulse there would be sex in the streets for no reason, think of other animals they just bone, sometimes there is female selection and male competition exc. but for the most part mating is random and due to attraction based on alleles that are best for procreation.

now human sexuality is different because we are taught at a young age when a man and woman love each other, and u only have sex in a closed area secluded alone exc. we repress our instincts and sometimes we repress them too much, I have found the only time I achieve an erection is when I have a gf and we get into it, random hookups have all ended up with a half hard **** and an apology. Everyone is different but i did find that natural vascular supplements like arganine, ginko bibola, horny goat weed, exc. had an impact, it could have been a placebo effect but its worth a shot either way it works. drink lots of water, dont put pressure on urself just let things go and enjoy urself

hope that helps sometimes a couple drinks helps psychological ED but too much to drink will inhibit your sense of touch thus stimultion may be impossible or climax may be impossible. Just remember it is just sex and dont think of the what ifs, no girl is going to divorse u because of sex life, i guarentee once you get it hard once, you will never have a problem again its all about allowing your subconscience safeguards to unlock and allow vulnerability because remember in public we dont walk around with an erection as if it is normal, when you are with a girl you do not know well it is a similar situation your brain is not getting the message that it is time to get down. and if you lose it getting the condom on **** it just tell her to suck it once u realize its okay to be erect with an unknown female it will work out
This is really bad condition in this age of 21. I am also 21 years old and same problem is facing. Did you consult with your doctor about this problem. Because, I have started a medicine for my erection problem but I got a prescription from my doctor to take this medicine.
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