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Have recently become ED? and bulging dorsal vein? and spider veins appearing on penis why?

I have erectile dysfunction and cannot maintain an erection. It seems to be semi erect with the tip of the penis (glans (glands)) staying flaccid. The corpora cavernosa seems to fill with blood but the corpus cavernosum doesn’t seem to have any blood flow at all. If i hold a firm grip just below the tip of the penis the cavernosum soon enlarges, however once i remove the grip, the blood flows out quite quickly and the cavernosum returns back to a flaccid state.

However, whilst this is happening the corpora cavernosa stays fairly firm. It seems the corpora cavernosa can hold the blood in but the cavernosum doesn’t hold the blood in.

Also my dorsal vein has suddenly become very bulging and enlarged. Plus, lots of other veins have started appearing and alot of purple spider veins also. In particular, a large purple spider vein seems to be coming out of my dorsal vein.

How this first began......I was diagnosed with Chlamydia about 7 months ago. I took the tablets given and symptoms went away. Then suddenly symptoms came back again.

Symptoms being: Pain in testicles, needing to urinate a lot, and burning sensation when peeing. Erectile Dysfunction.  (I no longer have any of these symptoms except the ED)

Doctors said I had a UTI so gave me more lymecycline?

After about a month’s worth of constant tablet taking my symptoms were still the same. I took another STD test and they came back negative. My GP said it was probably just the after effects of the Chlamydia causing the ED; however I soon made sure to consult with an urologist.

The urologist said i have an inflamed epididymis but didn’t know why I couldn’t hold an erection; and due to my symptoms decided i should have a cystoscopy, x-ray of my bladder and an ultrasound of my bladder.( My prostate was fine, as he thought maybe prostatis.)

They all came back normal except the cystoscopy said i have some irritation near the tip of my penis.
I went back to the urologist and he said I should just let my body heal. (However it’s been 6 months since it first started surely i would of healed ???)  I suggested a Doppler ultrasound might be helpful in finding the problem but he kept saying my ED must be a mental thing not a physical thing. Which annoyed my slightly as i really feel it must be somewhat physical.

I never ever used to have a problem getting erections before this. In fact i used to get spontaneous ones probably a little too often! I have been in sexual situations multiple times now where i can’t maintain a full erection. Where in the past i would never ever find it a problem to get it hard in these situations.

Surely if it was purely mental i would be able to maintain erections in non confronting situations? I strongly feel it’s not purely a mental thing as I’m not overly concerned i would just like to know how to fix it. I masturbate as much as any average man i would say. I can’t get a full erection as mentioned. Would cutting masturbation and sexual interactions completely help?

I thought i could have a venous leak however the urologist said a man of 22 years is very rarely going to have a venous leak and that examining my flaccid penis doesn’t really show any symptoms and that the spider veins and bulging dorsal vein are normal. However, these veins never appeared before all this and were never bulging so surely they must have something to do with it? Plus you can’t really see them clearly until my penis is semi erect.
Any advice on what i should do next would be extremely appreciated.
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I seem to have the exact same problem!
I'm really worried, please keep me updated on your progress.
Ok, had a few emails/msgs regarding this so i'll tell you what I did.

I went back and forth to the doctors until they just said I had to live with this if it was still not going away.

I read about a product called MMS Supplement wasn't sure if it was a scam but took that for about a month didn't have any immediate effect but a month later I was working again.

I also had been given viagra and after taking it 3 times I was fully working again.

Also, one day i saw this weird blue thing on the tip of my penis I thought it was a pube or something but I pulled this weird very thin blue 'string like' thing from the tip of my penis out.

Don't know what this was or where it came from! but as soon as I had pulled it out. (felt very weird and had obviously been lodged deep in the penis as it was quite long about 2.5 inchs) my penis started working again. I don't know if this was part of an old damaged vein or something? and it never showed up on the cystoscopy so it couldn't of been there the whole time. but I didn't care as I was fully working again.

So I don't know if my body just healed, if it was the MMS supplement, or the viagra somehow made me work again?

I hope this story somehow helps.

If you have a similar problem I recommend you goto a urologist and get an ultraond doppler scan on the penis as this is the only way to fully find out whats wrong. I didnt get one because my GP's didn't believe me so I tried things my own way whilst waiting to appeal.

Demand for your right fo health!
Hi Converse,

Are u completely recovered from this problem. Currently I am going through it.
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