Eye pain after being poked with finger
by Navdeep_77, Oct 28, 2009
Hello Doctor,

I am 33 years old male and I had my left eye poked quite forcefully by my son nearly 7 weeks back. There was a visible scratch on the eyeball, and my eye had some bleeding. I visited Ophthalmologist next day and he diagnosed me with corneal abrasion along with the eyeball injury. My eye was patched up and I was advised anti-biotic drops as well as lubricating eye drops. I felt my vision was blurred and I got my eye checkup done again by a retina specialist, and she told that everything is fine with my eye.

I am having eye pain again since last couple of weeks. I went for checkup and my doctor found nothing wrong. I was prescribed fluorometholone and lubricating eye drops for condition diagnosed as "ocular pain".

I am not sure about the quality of vision in my left eye, when they check my vision, it comes out to be 6/5. Eye pressure is 18. Doctor says that my retina is healthy and cornea looks ok. However I  keep getting a feeling that my vision is not normal, but I am not able to figure out what could be the problem. I am worried about the complications that may arise related to this trauma in future. Please let me know if there could be any complications in my case that i need to be aware of.

Thank you so much in advance.
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by Ray T Oyakawa, MDBlank, Oct 28, 2009
I can not be of help without an exam.  Get a second opinion.

Dr. O.
by Navdeep_77, Nov 04, 2009
Dear Doctor Oyakawa,

I consulted another ophthalmologist  as per your recommendation. I told her that I am having pain in the eye at this location (it was between eyebrow and eyeball). She folded my eyebrow for observing underneath, and informed me that there is a small pimple (for a lack of proper word!) kind of thing there. I was told to continue with my ongoing treatment and nothing specific was advised about this pimple thing.

When inquired about why this would happen, doctor told that this could be because of some allergy or infection due to dust.

Do you know what could this thing possibly be? Any more information on this would be highly appreciated.

Thank You,