Can a OPK test positive if you are pregnant?
by Tygerlillie, Aug 25, 2008
OK- can you take a OPK and it come up positive if you are pregnant?  if so, how far along would you have to be.  My story is I started - or what i thought was AF on Aug 6-- I was feeling really weird before that and had light pink spotting but then bled a little and just though- Ok this is Afa nd really just started focusing on ovulating.  So I took a test last Tuesday and got what i thought was a pos.- I used the Answer brand and half the line seemed to be as dark as the control line so I assumed this was a positive.  Well I never had any Ovulation symptoms  but I have had every other type of symptom.  I called the doctor and made an appt because I don't know if I am pregnant or maybe my hormones are just all messed up.  I told all this to the nurse and she said it could be my hormones are just out of whack or I could be pregnant! WOW what a help.

The only test I took which was I think 11 or 12 dpo was negative. I have a very close friend who was pregnant but she never got a positive test result with her boys. NEVER-- she was almost 8 weeks pregnant with her second and she took 4 diff pg tests and none showed positive-- I saw them she was BFN on all but Mr. Noah is going to be 2 this year.  Does anyone have any advice or opinion????
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by Heather5Blank, Aug 25, 2008
LH and HCG are structurally very similar, so it is possible to get a positive OPK when you are in fact pregnant. Go get a HPT and test :-)

Best of luck!
by meeshy9, Aug 25, 2008
Some of the more experienced ladies here can chime in, but I can say a couple of things.  I have heard that you can get a +OPK if you are pregnant and I have a couple of friends who didn't know they were pregnant until they were 3 months along because they got what they thought was AF.  BUT - my doctor has told me not to use the Answer brand of OPKs and that they are not reliable.  I don't have any other info besides that - that's all they said and I didn't ask any further.  

When is your appt?  Have you tried a hpt?  I've always had luck with the clear blue digital.  I'm sending lots and lots and lots of SSBD your way!  I hope you get a BFP from the doc!
by Tygerlillie, Aug 25, 2008
I have my doctors appt next week.  I couldn't get anything sooner.  I figure either I am or my hormones are just nutsy.  I am hoping for the "I am pregnant" choice but I don't want to get my hopes up.  I have had a time before that I could have sworn I was pregnant and it ended up I was not.

Thanks for the responses.  I'll let you know what comes out of it all.
by blessedmomof3, Aug 26, 2008
As for the OPK the LH and HCG hormones are very simmilar but yet different. You can get a BFP on OPK but you would actualy get it sooner on a HPT. I researched this. Basicaly the 2 are similar, but the HCG hormone wears a hat that the LH does not have. So HCG would be detected sooner by HPT. Can't your nurse at least do a BETA while you wait for your apt? I realy hope you get a BFP!!!
by Sahuaro87, Aug 26, 2008
Not that I am disputing this but if you were pregnant wouldn't the OPK show positive every time you test if research shows LH and HCG are similar? I’m asking because I don’t want to keep purchasing OPK’s at $50 for a month supply when I may in fact be pregnant.  This is so confusing.
by lmcrt, Aug 26, 2008
When an opk comes up positive during ovulation time then you don't need to keep testing. You will O 12-48hrs after that first positive. Some people continue to test days after a positive but it's just a waste of money. Some women have longer LH surges so their opks stay positive for longer than a day. OPKs will come up positive if prego, but they are not as sensitive so HPT's will be more accurate.  Hope this helps....
by marla560, Aug 27, 2009

I'm new to this OPK testing but though I would ask has anyone every tested positive for more than 5 days while using OPK LH surge tests? just wondering if I should be concerned or if I'm having alonger ovulation cycle last month the positive lines went away after 3 days and this month it has laster longer.... any thoughts

by mummyangel, Aug 27, 2009
I'm pg and have used an opk and get a positive every time, brand used is cheepy frm £ store and also a clearblue digital smiley..............

hope that helps?
by marla560, Aug 27, 2009
Really... even before your period is due? well hopefully that is what it is because I've never had a surge this long hmmmm maybe I should take a HPT or is it too early I'm not due for my period for 7 more days