I just had myomectomy surgery...
by LIL_LADY24, Nov 05, 2008
I had my laproscopic surgery on Sept 19th and my last AF was Sept 12th.......I just started my first period after my surgery which was on Oct 30th...........Now it came about 330pm that thursday and lasted until about 530pm, on Oct 31st nothing at all just pink and clear....Then on Nov 1st it came oh yea it came and very heavy.  I dont soak up any pads within an hour.   As a matter of fact last night was the first time I actually had a good amount on pad.....Although when I use the rest room it comes pouring our heavily with clots and it bright red...it doesnt smell and I havent cramped not one time since the surgery not even while on period.....I did have hurting boobs from day one from the estrogen shot.....................................From the surgery she removed one fibroid along with a D&C in which I have another surgery to remove one more along with another D&C on Nov 21st.............Please Let me know if this heavy bleeding is normal and the length of this period is normal.  (for some reason it seems like Im losing too much blood when I use the rest room......................Please help the only people that help me are the doctor aids because the doc is always busy............
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by ChubbyKitty09, Dec 31, 2008
Having a heavy period and clots are normal after a myomectomy surgery.  I had my myomectomy done on Dec 8, 2008 and after I left the hospital three days after the surgery my period started on December 17, 2008 and lasted 13 days.  I passed massive clots, and like you I was alarmed by the amount of blood I was loosing, but that was all normal and I'm doing fine.  I look forward to getting pregnant in February of 2009.
by MsPrettiSmile, May 09, 2010
Hello & Happy Mother's Day! My name is Monique and I am from California. I just saw your post about your first few menstrual cycles after your myomectomy in 2008, and I'm experiencing the same symptoms with the heavier-than-pre-surgery flow and blood clots. Can you tell me how everything worked out for you? Any advise you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you!
by pumpkin381, Apr 01, 2011
Well I am somewhat relieved to here some of these comments. I had a vaginal procedure to remove my tumor but had complications and my doctor was unable to complete the procedure. So I still have part of the tumor attached to my uterine wall. My first "real" cycle started this week and I actually went to the ER b/c I felt so dizzy, nauseous and the pain was unbearable--by blood count was low and I was dehydrated. Tonight (day 5 of my cycle) I passed one of the biggest clots ever and I feared it was the remaining tumor passing. I have bled very heavily all week. If after all of this and the actual removal things don't improve what's the point?