heavy bleeding on 8th day after embryo transfer
by joybelly, Nov 02, 2012
Hi, I'm new to this site and I'm on my first ivf cycle. I had my embryo transfer on 17/10/12 and i've been taking the
progesterone. I'm on my 9th day now and wed evening i had spotting like brownish pink blood. then yesterday
(thusrday) morning still same then it turned to a heavy period. I spoke to my doctor and he said it should be a good sign that my period came it means that the embryo is starting implanting however he said my period came early
and its not due in 5 days. So he's not sure if it really works or not but to wait on my blood test this.coming monday.
I'm still bleeding a little bit right now but it's not heavy anymore. I'm now worried that it didn'T work coz  actually had heavy period. Also i tried home preg test and it came up as neg i know its too early but I just hate this feeling of wondering if its all good or not.
is there anyone had similar experience and still got pregnant despite having heavy period just before their blood test? also i have no symptoms of pregnancy right now except for cramps probably period pain only. Hoping someone cannhelp or give anlittle bit of advice.
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by mhvBlank, Nov 02, 2012
Well, the one thing I have learned from being on this site for several years is.... Nothing is normal or abnormal during an IVF.  

A lot of women on here have bled during their 2ww and ended up with a BFP, and a little bundle of joy. or 2, at the end to hold. And of course, a lot of women had no bleeding at all.

A lot of women had a ton of symptoms during their 2ww and some had absoultely nothing... both ending in a BFP. (big fat pregnant or positive)

Also, a lot of women have had period like crampin during their 2ww and some have none...both have ended up with BFP's

I personally had NO symptoms until I was about 10 wks.  I also bled lightly during my 2ww, and I bled heavily at about 5wks pregnant.

Did you have a 3 day transfer or a 5 day transfer?
Either way, you did test early.  When is your beta? (blood test)

I would think a good sign is that it has pretty much stopped.

Sending tons of positive thoughts your way!!!!!!!!

by joybelly, Nov 03, 2012
thank you much for the reply i feel better now. i had a 5 day transfer and my blood test is due this coming monday. my period had stopped this morning. my abdomen feels a bit funny that i get shooting pain but it goes away and abdomen not bloaded anymore.  did you had heavy bleeding on 2ww? thank you for your support!
by mhvBlank, Nov 03, 2012
I had a small amount of bleeding 6 and 7 days past transfer which I thought may have implantation bleeding....but I had not 1 symptom. .  I kept telling everyone that if I hadn't seen the RE put the embryos in, and have a sono pick of them....I would swear he hadn't put them in at all!  I felt absolutely nothing!!!  Even after my positive beta and first u/s showing 2 fetuses, I felt nothing.  

Do you think you will another home pregnancy test?  I never did I was always to chicken.  
by joybelly, Nov 03, 2012
you only probably had spotting? they said that wasa good sign but i had full on period. it's my 11th day post transfer and had tried preg test again but it was negative again :( i guess i'll just have to wait 'till tomorrow for my beta. we still have 4 embryos frozen i guess we'll just have to try again if it doesn't work.
by mhvBlank, Nov 03, 2012
It was a little heavier then spotting, and it was pretty heavy for a day or so when it started at 5 weeks.  I spotted/bled for weeks with my pregnancy.  I would have to look back  at my pregnancy tracker to see for sure, but I believe it was up to week 14 or so....it seemed like forever!!!
  I am glad to hear you have 4 totcicles :).    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!  Hang in there my friend!!!!
by Dcac, Nov 04, 2012
I started bleeding yesterday at 10dp2dt. This was my second cycle. I know I'm out now as the bleeding is the same as last time and full flow
by joybelly, Nov 05, 2012
i got my beta result today and it's negative.
by mashmash, Feb 16, 2013
im so sorry to hear that ,
this is my 2nd IVF and its my 11th day post transfer and im having most likely "my period" im so depressed after all the pain and suffering i went through .. i wish i could lie to my self and have some little hope until my blood test due this wednesday , but unfortunatlly the blood i see makes me face this ugly reality :(
by Deepika17, Feb 17, 2013
Hi ,

I got my last periods on the 29th of Jan. However when I went to see the Gynec few days later, she test she said that there is 1 good sized egg and that we can try IUI. So we did the IUI on the 05th of Feb 2013. But today i.e 17th feb 2013 ,since morning had severe stomach cramps and then the bleeding started. Looks like periods.I am still in my 2ww. What does this mean ? Should I go for my test on 19th Feb