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IUI Process
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IUI Process

Hey ladies I know many of you probably has gone through an IUI before and I wanted to know How the whole process is done? Meaning the beginning process to get you prepared for it. Do you take anything? Do they have you come in and check if your ovulating? that whole thing. My husband has been told he has low sperm morphology. So it's virtually harder for us to conseive normally. So the doc wants us to go to a Urologist and take it from there. Well I am just interested and know what happens. Any information will be appreciated thank you all in advance.
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You are getting some very nice answers from the community, but I'll add my two cents too.
In some cases your doctor will start you on Clomid or Femara to help you ovulate.  In other cases, you may do a "natural cycle".  Your doctor will very likely have you check ovulation predictors and call on the day that the test strip is positive.  ( Even weekends!) Some doctors like to do the IUI on the day the strip turns, some do it on the following day, and some do both.  The data does not really support doing two, though.

For the IUI procedure itself, a speculum is used, the cervix is grasped with a clamp and the washed sperm is injected with a small tube directly into the uterus. Most people do really well with this procedure, some have some minor cramping.

Your MD will likely ask you and your husband to abstain for a period of time before the IUI, but afterwards, you are free to "do what comes naturally", and I encourage my patients to indulge, as I think it possibly increases the success rate.

Some doctors will follow follicles with ultrasound and inject HCG when the follicles are ready.  Most of the time, if you are young and healthy, you can start off with just the predictors.  (less expensive)

Good luck!
Dr B
Hey there--I just had my 3rd IUI this past Sunday.
There isnt much you need to prepare for. Make sure you take 3-4 tylenol before the procedure. Dont use IB profin i was told because it is an inflamatory.
What happens the day of is---your husband will go to the clinic and do his thing and get his sperm sample.(You get better results if he does is thing at the clinic vs. at home) Then your appointment will be aorund an hour or so later. You will go in, and they will tell you what your husbands sperm count is, then they will use a speculum to open u up like when u get a pap...it is uncomfortable but bearable as long as they can find your cervix...which they normally CAN !
They take a syringe with a tube on it and insert it into your cervix. You will start to feel some cramping once that is done. And that is it. The whole procedure takes 5 minutes tops.
For myself---all 3 times my cervix was hiding behind my pubic bone so it was more uncomfortable than it is supposed to be.
You will more than likely feel crampy the rest of the day...kind of like when u first start your period cramps. Then for myself after 24hrs i feel back to normal.
When do you have your IUI scheduled? Any other question feel free to message me :)
I am currently in self injectables (FSH-Gonal F) with a trigger(HCG) shot and in my Two Week Wait ....6 days post IUI
Sending u loads of luck and baby dust-----
Take care-Jen
Hey there Jenn-

Thank you so much for all of the information so in all actuality it's sort of like a HSG without the x-rays for us. That's not too bad....Ok so now I know what i have to look foward to. I don't have an appointment yet. I have to make one once we get our new insurance at the end of the month. I wish you tons of luck with this IUI. I hope it works out for you! Thank you so much for all of the information it was very helpful.
I wish you Tons of Super Sticky baby Dust and tons of Luck!
Thank you again and I will keep in touch!
no problem----do they have you on any fertility drugs before IUI?
once i started seeing a specialist she had me start injectables called Gonal F (FSH) then after daily ultrasounds the week of ovulation--- once they see that you have at least one follicle mature size then you get a trigger shot (HCG) then do the IUI 2 days after that.
Does anyone know what is the minimum endo thickness (uterus) required for getting pregnant? Last month my endo thickness was 6.7 mm on day 12th and was 8 mm before getting my period (my cycle is 30 days)/ The doctor told me that its weak. I took second opinion and the other doctor said its ok.

My husband has low count and we are thinking of IUI, does anyone know or have similar experience? Should I do it, or should I ask the doctor to give me some treatment to raise the endo thickness? Is it possible that I get pregnant? and if I get pregnant what is the percentage for facing miscarriage?

Please help
i am getting ready to have my 3rd iui in two days. the iui has been the easiest part of this whole fertility problem. for each iui, i had to have a prescreening vaginal ultrasound, then a estrogen level and another u/s two days before the iui to determine if the eggs were ready. i was also given a shot of hsg even though i do ovulate. i was also on clomid for all of my iui.
for the iui you lay on your back in stirrups as you would a regular pap exam. they insert a long catheter that is thin as a strand of cooked spagetti. i was scared but i did not feel a thing. after the test they make you lay down for a while then you can go home. very easy.
good luck!
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