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Keep Having miscarriages
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Keep Having miscarriages

I've had 3 miscarriages in the past year. My doc took a whole bunch of blood workups including genetics, clotting, etc. Everything came back normal. What could be the problem? What should I do next?
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I'm going to assume that your doctor did all of the same labs that I would do.  I'll just list a couple of the rarer/newer ones to be sure that you had a complete work up.
You should have a test for anti-beta2 glycoprotein-1 antibodies; a test for the prothrombin gene G 20210A gene and Factor V leiden; a test for hyperhomcysteinemia and the MTHFR genes that contribute to elevated levels if the test is abnormal.
I don't think a semen analysis is going to help much--the fact that you have conceived three times in a year is pretty good evidence that his counts are OK.  Some people do advocate the sperm DNA fragmentation analysis, as fragmented sperm DNA increases the risk of miscarriage. This would be more important if your spouse is older or has any health problems such as a history of chemo/radiation therapy.

Also, I would want to do a study of your uterine cavity--a saline ultrasound would be a good option, or HSG.  A septum, or fibroid, polyp or other abnormality could contribute to miscarriages.
A laparoscopy for endometriosis might also be indicated.
Finally, if you were my patient, I would sequentially add:
baby aspirin; progesterone; heparin; steroids (one at a time) as indicated going forward.
This is a lot of information in a nutshell.
Hope it helps!
Dr B
Sorry about your loses.
Perhaps your hubby should take a semen analysis if he hasn't already.
He could be the problem as abnormal sperm can cause mc.
Thank you. Some additional background, I have 2 healthy children. My husband is young and in great condition. I am currently on 1 baby asprin a day along with vitamins. I think I will ask my doc about the HSG test. I did have a D&C from my 1st miscarriage. Do you think scar tissue could cause the subsequent miscarriages?
i have a dnc to i have lost the baby too i want a baby so bad by my boyfriend i been with him 10 years and he dont have no kids i am takeing orovera 10mg now the doctor told me to check my temp every morning before getting up dont eat or drink anything until i check my temptue.but i hope it will me soon for the both of us
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