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I've Been Trying To Get Pregnant For 7 Years & Still No Luck. I Was Diagnosed With An Ovarian Disorder, But I Refuse To Believe That I Cannot Have Kids Being That Ppl Diagnosed With The Same Things Have Had Kids. I Live Paycheck To Paycheck & Cannot Afford To Have The Whole SpecialistThing Fertilize My Egg. I Pray That I Can Become Pregnant Every Day. What Else can  I Do? Giving Up Us Not An Option!
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that without knowing what disorder you have, it is difficult for me to give you advice or make recommendations.  Miracles do happen.  They often happen through the hands of others, like, for instance a fertility specialist.  You might want to have at least one visit with a specialist to get recommendations for what would be best for you.  
The older you get, the more your fertility declines, so don't wait any longer!
Find out if there are treatments other than IVF that can help you!
Good luck!
Dr B
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