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Vaginal disorder
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Vaginal disorder

Dr Elaine Brown,

i,ve had a problem that i described it as follow.

i am a 48 years old woman,  have a mild burning sensation and itchiness in my vagina and vulvae area , recently with penetration this burning sensation in vagina is strong so that i don't want to have sex. i also have a milky discharge, it all happened few mounthe ago after a few times urine infection and taking antibiotic and having thrush as a consequence.
my scan was normal. uterus measure 72*30*47mm.endomertrial thinkness is 3.3mm an regular. both ovaries normal right ovarian   volumeis 2.4cc and left 7cc and countains a simple cystic region within mueasuring 15*21*14 mm and is most likely a dominant follicle no adnexal mass or free fluid seen.
could you tel me what is it?

your explanation to me was that it could be two conditions, one is atrophic vulvo/vaginitis, the other is lichen sclerosis.

i explain it my GP, she didn't look at my body just thought it could be atrophic vulvo/vaginitis, therefore she prescribed me a cream called"REPLENSmd"
i have applied that for 3 times in 3days.
not only i didn't feel better but after few days after applying it, when i checked my body noticed a mass of white soft gum or cheese like texture  produced inside my vagina, it did not fall off easily, i waited for my next period that could wash it off and it happened..
the symptoms are a bit milder, but no way i could have sex, penetration is impossible as burning pain start as soon as my partner start penetration, i have tryed to be patient and find out how far in to my vagina is burning  and i couldn't bare when it went through up yo 5 cm.
these day i have noticed that the entrance of my vagina is changing the shape, i think some part of it get soft and hanging and a bit of paler pink than normal.
it has started about 4 month ago and i am very worried.
pleas let me know what you think and give me an advice.
best regards
aram 740
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I still think that either of the first two conditions are possible, OR it is possible that you may still have a yeast infection (thrush).  A wet mount would be the first test I would do.
If it showed yeast, I would treat with Diflucan.  If that didn't help, a biopsy of the area might be indicated.  I usually treat atrophic vulvovginits with topical estrogen (Vagifem is a good one). Lichen slcerosis needs a strong topical steroid cream such as Clobetasole.
You might wish to ask for a referral to a gynecologist.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thank you so much for the answer, i will follow your instruction again and hope can get a gynecologist appointment as quick as possible.
best regards
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