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Anxiety is killing me
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Anxiety is killing me

Hello Dr , I've posted here, but I have been experiencing great anxiety, and I am very afraid of having given something wrong. As I said before I had an accident at average risk.
5 days after I started with a morning nausea for +- 38 days
5 days after developing dizziness and drowsiness for +- 25 days
6 days after development abdominal bloating and heaviness in the stomach for +- 35 days
5 days after developing excess gases by up and down, which last for 50 days
55 days after developing sore throat and some dry mouth, which last the last 23 days
I also had intestinal malabsorption in those days
After 13 days, modular roche Ag p24/ Ab negative (0,35)
After 38 days, modular roche Ag p24 / Ab negative (0,15) and Bio Rad Ag p24/ Ab negative (0,41)
After 42 days, modular roche Ag p24 / Ab negative (0,19)
After 60 days, modular roche Ag p24/ Ab negative (0,21) (Thank God)
My test index value are normal?

I am very concerned with this dry mouth.
And also with intestinal malabsorption I had at that period.

Need some more testing?
It is possible these tests have lost an infection?
In the meantime, I had an unprotected intercourse with my wife, and I was desperate, I can stay calm?
Thank you Dr.
Sérgio R from Brazil .

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Dear Sergio,

I am sorry this has taken me so long to answer.

However, the good news is that you are most certainly HIV negative. The tests have proven beyond any doubt at all that you are HIV negative and you most definitely do not need any more tests.

The symptoms you describe are non specific and not important at all.

You are HIV negative. You can forget this now.

best wishes, Sean
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Dr, things are getting worse for me. Today appeared swollen and painful lymph node on the left the jaw.
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I discovered that the cause of my dry mouth is the submandibular salivary gland swelling(I saw that hiv causes this). There was not a lymph node, was swollen gland salivary. I'm desperate.
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