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Hi, Im a 20 year old male from mexico. Ive had two incidents;
Two months ago I had sex with a 21 year old girl, during vaginal intercourse the condom broke, I think the condom broke I really dont remember I was drunk but I remember changing the condom because I saw it kind of weird, I asked her some questions regarding her sexual lifestyle and she told me she used to be in a relationship not long ago and she has a child from that relationship, the girl is a waitress in a mens club and I believe she is a prostitute because she charged me for sex, she tells me she never does this but with me, thing that I dont believe
I asked her to have an hiv test which she was reluctant to do so because she says she has recently had one (less than six months ago) and claims she havent had sex with anyone else but me.
The second incident was also with a 21 year old girl who i met in a party also broken condom during vaginal sex, 6 weeks ago, i asked the girl to take an hiv test and she took it with a negative result.
The thing is that almost 3 weeks ago I started to develop a rash on my body that resembles acne, primarily on the arms and the back, So i went to my doctor and told him to take a look at it, he told me that it was just skin irritation.
I told him about the sexual exposures and asked him if I needed testing and he told me that I didnt needed testing because my risk was way to low.
After it I went to a dermatologyst and told me that the the pimples on my arms where lichenous papules and the ones on my back acne.
Also having some muscle and joint pain.
I started taking my temperature with ranges from 36.8 C to 37.3 C orally, but one day during the week my temperature did got to 37.5 C but dropped fast, yesterday it got to 37.8 C and dropped fast to 37.6 C and after it dropped to 37.3 C and stayed there all night. Today ranging from 36.8 C to 37 C

Exposure risk?
Symptoms Suggestive of ARS?
Timing of onset of symptoms suggestive of ARS?
Warrant test?
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Thanks for your post.

You seem to have had brief unprotected sex with two strangers so there is a theoretical risk.

however, the overall risk to you on each occasion was 1 in 1000 chance of acquiring HIV if they were HIV positive - obviously if they were not then there was no risk

The signs and symptoms you describe do not sound important - you seem to be trying to make them fit HIV symptoms rather than them actually representing those. I think these are innocent.

Warrant a test? - I think if you are concerned then the intelligent way forward is to take an HIV test and to put your mind at rest.

Kind regards, Sean
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Thanks Dr, I went and took a test right now I will have the results later in the afternoo
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