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Help me please. Questions...
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Help me please. Questions...

12 weeks ago had an incident. Recived unprotected oral sex from a prostitute.

Can someone seroconvert later than 77 days? Had symptomes after that test. Low fever for 1 day, joint pain, no appetite...Is sneezing a sign of HIV?
I also made a standard blood test 6 weeks post exposure...and had lower lymphocites (standard was 25% -45 %) i had 22,6 % and higher Neutrophiles 70,4% (normal values from 35 to 70%) from the number of white blood cells wich was 7,45. (in the normal range of 4.5-8). Is this a disorder of the immune system?

Took 3 HIV tests...and a standard blood test, at diffrent private clinics.
4 weeks DUO - 6 weeks standard blood test - 7 Weeks antibody test, and 11 weeks DUO.
Does the last DUO test cover eaven the "needle story"? It was 4 weeks after the last test.(asuming that on some of the tests took at private clinics they reused needles)

Can I consider the test accurate? Can the combi test be a rapid test? They gave me the result the same day. Almost 2-3 hours later. I called the lab, and they told me that I can be sure of the result. And that this is not a rapid test. They put the blood sample at a machine, and the result is very accurate. it Was made with electrochemilumiscence. But the lady there said it takes like...20-30 minutes to perform the test.
I made the test at 11 weeks.  

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Hello George,

You're all ok - you do not have HIV.

The facts are:-

1) you had unprotected oral sex - being sucked - you will not acquire HIV via this route.

2) you have had several negative HIV tests - including what sounds to be a perfectly adequate 4th generation HIV DUO - you are most definitely HIV negative

I cannot explain the various different types of information you have received except to say that rapid tests are excellent and are most usually in developed countires 3rd generation antibody tests. These are highly accurate and will correctly identify more than 99% of patients at 6 weeks post exposure. In your case you have had several of these and they have been negative - you have also had a 4th generation test and that is negative.

The tests conclusively show a negative HIV status. You do not need any more tests for HIV. I will not speculate about your white count - go and SEE a doctor to discuss.

Best regards, Sean
Also....because my first message was long I have to add...

The needle problem. Scared of an reused needle. I called all the labs. And they assured me that they do not reuse needles, that they are for single use only...

I have to mention that i live in Romania. Eastern Europe... made the so called "combi test" with electrochemiluminescence in my country.

The funny that I called the local Public Health Authority..They told me, that the tests are not accurate and that I need to test for the next year, every 3 months. I called the Institute of Infectious Deseases  in my country, they told me that 3 months is quite enough, and that they  do not recomand testing more than 3 months, and that the Public Helath Authority sends the blood samples to them for confirmation.
They also told me that infection would have been discovered by that time(3 months). But they told me something that made my day a living hell. They do not consider rapid tests accurate. And invited me to go to them to take the test, for a accurate result. ”Just to be sure” , the lady told me.

What should I do? Relay on the tests made at the private clinics? Or go to the Institute? Why do they tell me to test every 3 months for the next year?
And...are the test that I made rapid tests? So confused...

And my biggest I can be sure of the last Duo test made...? If it covers eaven the posibility of reused needles?
Hi George86,

Hmmm, from my understanding, lower lymphocyte, and elevated neutrophil are more indicative of a bacterial infection than a viral infection (such as hiv). So i think you could rest easy on your blood work.

I had a negative near 11 week negative rapid fingerpric-k test, too. So i am also very anxious and want to know what the doctor here will say about it from your question which mentioned rapid test and 11 weeks.

May God bless

Thank you very much Doctor.

So I can be confident that I do not have HIV.

And from what you are telling me, both  DUO tests, are accurate 4th generation tests made with electrochemiluminescence , eaven if the result was so quickly recived. - they told me the test took like 30 minutes to be performed.

God Bless!
One last thing...
For the penetrative vaginal sex, I used a Durex Ultra Thin Condom.
Is it less effective? Also called Durex Company in England...they told me that it has the same level of security as any other Durex condom.

What is your opinion, Doc?
Please DOC,....What do you think?

And...taking the worst scenario, if the condom didn't work, can I be sure that I don't have HIV? Would another Combi test at 15 weeks be definitive? I am asking because doctors in my country still say " 6 months", and they said that my result are not conclusive. I am so scared....
Hi George,

I've answered all these for you already.

The tests you have had are excellent and you do not need to test again. The doctors in your country obviously have their own views and you need to ask them about those - but as far as I am concerned if the test was an HIV DUO then you do not need to test further. This is coupled with the fact that you were sucked - this does not pose an HIV risk.

You didn't mention vaginal sex in the original question - but - if you used a condom and it stayed on and did not break then you will be fine.

Best wishes, Sean
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