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Need Advice for Risk and Test after 6 Week for CSW Exposure
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Need Advice for Risk and Test after 6 Week for CSW Exposure

Hi Dr Sean and Dr Jose
I have posted question for only ONE exposure with CSW previously in the forum
However i need assurance some assurance and tread already over

Straight to the story
1 : Exposure : Protected oral and Vagina (using Latex Condom) - Woman on top - Ejaculate inside Vagina with Penis still inside Vagina  for  2 minutes after ejaculate  until bit loose erection and condom wrinkled - Take out penis with condom still intake cover head penis to base but wrinkled as penis loose erection -  The condom not broke  - Exposure Happen in Indonesia with CSW (She said regular check up)

Question : Do you consider this as risk as i was bit loose erection ?? Position woman on top the head penis on up and base penis bottom, therefore i don't think secretion can find way up to head. However if there is some leaking of my semen in base and mix with vaginal is there any way virus gen will find way up to head penis through infecting gen in semen?? -Without the vaginal secretion going up to base is it possible the virus only climb up to head penis?

2. Test Result HIV :
- 2 weeks  hiv 1/2 go Abbott   meia (AB Only ) negative
- 6 Weeks HIV 1/2 AB / AG Combo (Architect) result negative
-Does the second test is 4th gen test? Is Architect made by Abbott ? Is the machine reliable ?
- Is result conclusive ? (Considering the machine, risk, and place happen since some people say Indonesia rate quite high) Is additional test ? If yes what test and when?
-  Am i  free to go and can have normal sex with my wife?

3. Additional Info :
@ Six week STD test: Syphilis,  HSV I & HSV II , Negative My  assumption i had not any STD that day until now. Is it correct? Does this reduce HIV risk??

Having caught at 3 days - 2 weeks but gone with medicine & minor Mucous membrane. Is it HIV related or not ??

Best Wishes
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Thank you for your new post.  I will answer each of your questions here below:
1.) No, I would not considered the sexual encounter, as desribed, to have posed any real risk of HIV infection to you.
2.) Your second negative test is a 4th generation one as detects the p24 antigen.  It is a reputabel brand and is conclusive at 6 weeks when you were tested.  You do not need any further HIV tests.  I can assure you that you are HIV negative.
3.) It seems that you have not contracted any other STDs.  The HSV test is not fully conclusive after 6 weeks; it indicates that you have not had herpes prior to this sexual encounter.  However you have not had any herpes symptoms thus far s it is unlikley that you have become infected here.  The HSV serology is only conclusive after 12 weeks.  I do not understand your last question, I'm afraid.
All in all, I can assure you that you DO NOT have HIV.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Sorry add info all test lab base with blood sample  and not rapid one. Also in STD test 6 week  GO negative
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