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unprotected oral - dubai - Need to Move on
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unprotected oral - dubai - Need to Move on

Dear Drs

i have gone thru many threads on the hiv prevention forum, hiv community and what i have noticed on the subject of oral sex is a little confusing.

while dr hook and drs here on this forum state that there is no risk from receiving a BJ but there is a faint risk from performing fellatio and cunnilingus.

on the other hand dr hhh's threads mention no risk from performing fellatio or cunnilingus since no cases have been reported but probably a few cases have been reported by patients who have received oral sex.

hiv community - teak and lizzie confirm no risk watsoever from performing or receiving oral sex.

Question 1 - I am puzzled why would dr hhh have an opposite view?

My exposure:-
date of exposure - 20th April 2013 - she was a turkish escort, claimed to be on a resident visa, premium escort @2000 dhs....worked in a salon during the day and did this for extra money to support family back in turkey...she asked me for a condom and she dint carry one for random checks in dubai by the cops. Anyway she started with an unprotected oral blowjob and then we had protected sex twice...condom was intact. when asked directly she said she was clean, recently tested and bcos she was on a resident visa testing is frequent, i dont know how much of that to believe.

Question 2 - she had a lip piercing which she removed during the BJ, wud any blood from that pierced hole put me at risk during the BJ?

Question 3 - Do i need to test?

Question 4 - I was all fine after reading other posts but when i got this sore throat on the 9th day the anxiety flaired up and hence im writing to you for an asssessment. Can i just forget about this move on and continue with unprotected sex with my wife?

im going mad reading various threads and have been tested several times in the past for zero risk exposure, can't goto a lab again and inflate anxieties waiting for a result.



Firstly, re oral sex.  There is no risk at all from being sucked. I have never seen aptient in this situation, heard of it or read of it in any credible journal - so I discount it. There are a few - only a few - reported cases of people acquiring HIV from performing cunninlingus on HIV positive females - these are exceptionally rare - perhaps 1 in many millions - so again, to all intents and purposes, near zero risk - the available studies support a zero risk assessment. I do though have experience of men who report sucking someone else as their only risk exposure who have then become HIV positive - so my quick summary =

being sucked = no risk

sucking = some small risk

performing cunninlingus = miniscule risk

re Dr HHH - you'll ned to ask him but he and Dr Hook and us seem to agree on everything and my interpretation of his comments are that he agrees with the above.

Regarding the rest of your post - you had an unprotected sucking - you are not at risk and the piercing did not increase any risk of you acquiring HIV.

You are though at risk of any other STD's she may have had in her mouth includng chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis - so my advice is that you should not have unprotected sex with your wife until you have eliminaed these others.

best wishes, Sean
dr because of my anxiety i went ahead and tested for a full panel std which was negative and specific to HIV i took a HIV duo 4th generation test for antigen and antibodies at 3 weeks negative and HIV RNA for HIV 1 - Cobas Ampliprep/Taqman - Qualitative at 3 weeks negative.

can i just put this worry behind me now?
Hi am from dubai as well
. The only way to get out of this fear is to test. I will share my experience .i passed through same fear so I ordered some rapid test kit around 8 numbers of 6ez trust 2icare and tested my self. All negative which gave me a confidence to go for further test. Remember advices will still ease you upto certain extent . But do a real test is the only option. I know ez trust is not approved in us but I called couple of pharmacies in malasia to confirm the accuracy of the same . Trust me this helps to reduce your stress. Test after 3 months if all negative then go for a proper lab test. Am writing this to ease your stress.
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