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Are my symptoms ARS symptoms and do I need hiv/std testing after receiv...
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Are my symptoms ARS symptoms and do I need hiv/std testing after receiving oral sex?

Hey Doc, I'm a 26 y.o female who received oral sex from a straight 33 y.o male about 5 1/2 weeks ago. Since then I have developed a lot of weird symptoms and a lot of them seem to be ARS symptoms. Please review them and let me know If they are:
1/13 received unprotected oral
1/19 I got bad neck pain (muscle strain maybe) that lasted 2 weeks, however, the neck pain started while driving long hours on a road trip
2/2 a drenching night sweat (maybe from stress, alcohol the day before and spicy food, also added a sheet on my bed and weather might have gotten slightly warmer)
2/7 woke up with mild sore throat mostly hurt when swallowed (got a dental filling the day before)  also noticed jaw pain probably from dentist.
2/10 I noticed a small flat red spot on back of throat and ears started hurting when I swallowed.
Ear pain is almost gone today 2/20 but could hear water in it 2/15 and 2/18 when I woke up in the morning
2/12 had a very itchy perineum and a day later I noticed it was swollen with a red blister like lesion at the top with white/clear spots within it
2/12 also feeling dizzy and headaches off and on for 5 days
2/13 watery discharge for a few days then it became milky and snot like for a day
2/14 swelling and blister goes away leaving a small pink cut like circle, but notice a raised tender swollen lymph node on the left side of groin. Also experience leg pain mostly in the left one. The lymph node aches and still does
2/15 I notice a bigger swollen lymph node on top right of vagina only when I stand. Not as raised as the other just the area is bigger and it is tender to the touch
2/19 cold chills through my body throughout night, but it was pretty cold
2/20 My nodes start going down but still a little achy

My questions are:1.Do these symptoms indicate hiv infection or could they be related to stress/other things? 2.Do i need any STD testing after this exposure? I do have hsv2 but never had outbreaks.maybe the blister was it

Welcome to the forum.  Your 12 posts in the past 12 hours clearly indicate that you are worried about this.  Your concerns however are far, far out of proportion to your risks.  Most men do not have HIV and there has never been a case of HIV shown to result from receipt of cunnilingus.  Not ever.

The symptoms you describe and their time course are not suggestive of early HIV or the ARS.  The symptoms of the ARS tend to start at about the same time and are more severe, and more extensive than what you describe.  I suspect you have had the kind of sore throat many of us get from time to time, combined with a certain amount of anxiety perhaps related to the exposure you mentioned.  This is not ARS or early HIV.  I say this with great confidence.

1.Do these symptoms indicate hiv infection or could they be related to stress/other things?
See above.  I think this is a sore throat and increase vigilance on your part.

2.Do i need any STD testing after this exposure?
I see no medical need for testing however, I wonder if you might get some peace of mind from testing.  If you test, at this time, if your symptoms were due to HIV or any other STD, your tests would be positive.  If testing would be reassuring, then that is a good reason to do this but only if you will believe the results… and you should.

I hope my comments are helpful.  EWH
I tried to evaluate myself and the only things I can think of besides hiv is that I think I might have an ear infection which is causing the ear pain and headaches and I also had slight blood in my snot when I blew my nose a few weeks ago. The blister/swollen thing was probably an outbreak of hsv 2 caused by stress. It's just weird that all this stuff happened after this encounter and I'm freaked out and paranoid :(
You cant get HIV from receiving oral sex.
that's what I've heard, but I also have read that there's a slight chance and feel I am unlucky :/ especially with all my weird symptoms following it
sorry for posting something else, just letting you know that I have had mono before and my lymph nodes swelled in my groin when I had that so it cannot be from that.
Thank you for your reassurance it made me feel better. Can I just ask you a few more questions please and I will not post again.. I just need your expertise on STDs.

Do my symptoms on 2/12 and following sound like a typical herpes outbreak? Do lymph nodes on both sides of the groin usually follow an outbreak? The lymph nodes freak me out the most :/

and... What stds are known to spread to a womans genitals by a man's mouth?

thank you so much for your help! I felt like I was going crazy
sickandworried think about it for a minute

We all know saliva deactivates HIV, we all know kissing is safe.

The only (purely theoretical way) the man could have infected you would have been if he had massive gaping wounds in his mouth-literally pouring with blood, i think you would have noticed tonnes of blood on you- and even then it would be almost impossible.

Your not going to be the first from millions of people who have received oral sex to catch HIV from it, if it was possible we would have had reports of it by now

As for HSV, well if he had an active coldsore (which you would most likely see) it could transmit i suppose but you would notice

Anyway apologies to the doctor for posting, when i made the origonal post i didnt realise i was in the experts forum.
Last answers.

Your symptoms do not sound like herpes.  If you are worried and the blister/sore is still there you can have it tested by clture or PCR.

Swollen lymph nodes are a non-specific response to any number of stimuli including infections due to bacteria and viruses, allergic reactions and autoimmune disease.  Of all persons with swollen lymph nodes only a tiny proportion of them have HIV.  If you are concerned about swollen lymph nodes, the proper place to get evaluated is with a good internal medicine physician.

Few STDs are ever transmitted through cunnilingus.  HSV from oral sex is a rare possiblity but quite unlikely.  

End of thread.  EWH
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