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HIV brief exposure - freaking out
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HIV brief exposure - freaking out

I am a 33 years old male from Brazil, married, not a drog user and when comes to have sex outside marriedge do it protected all times.

The exposure who is driving me nuts happens 35 days ago (5 weeks). I went to a massage joint which is getting popular here. It is really just a professional massage with happy ending (oral or masturbation). Often I tryed to offer more money to have intercourse to many of these ladies and them all refused.
I started to see one of them with frequency, but we never had sex.
As times passed by, we knew about each others life.
One of these encounters, the massage turned out to be a potencial exposure. She was on top rubbing our genitals together and I felt her vagina forcing my unprotected penis and It felt as a penetration happened.
I pushed her gently and she did it again.

We didnt have sex as she continue to do oral and masturbate me.
When we finished I was already worried and asked how risky it were. She said she get tested every 6 months and now is time for here to do this. Besides she doesnt have a relationship for over 3 years and dont use drugs.
She said we didnt have penetration but I am pretty sure it happens briefly 2 times, like in and out very quickly - 1 second.

Am I at high risk ? My wife is pressing me to do unprotected sex but I am running  scared to do not infect her.

Did you see in your experience a heterossexual person get HIV from such a brief heterossexual contact ?

Thank you very much

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Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.

You needn't be at all worried about this event.  Answering your closing question:  no, I have never had nor heard of any patient who acquired HIV from such a brief exposure, without vaginal penetration.  It doesn't happen.

HIV is harder to transmit than you seem to think. In heterosexual couples in which one person has HIV and the other does not, the average transmission risk for each episode of unprotected vaginal sex -- several minutes of penile penetration each time -- is around once for every 1,000 exposures.  That's why many spouses of HIV infected persons remain free of infection themselves.

In addition, the odds this particular woman had HIV probably is low.  Even among sex workers and the most sexually active women in your country, my understanding is that fewer than 1% are infected.

Since you're anxious about this, I would recommend you have an HIV test.  Not because you really are at risk, but for the reassurance you will gain from the negative result.  I'm pretty sure the "4th generation" or "duo" HIV tests are readily available in Brazil and are conclusive any time more than 4 weeks after exposure.

However, I stress that this was a zero risk exposure.  If somehow I were in your circumstance, I would not be tested and I would have continued unprotected sex with my wife without worry.

Really, you shouldn't be at all worried.  I hope this has been helpful--  HHH, MD
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I would like to thank you very much for your helpful reply in such short time.
I've been looking for similar experiences this forum all day and night.

The governmnet here published a statistic that around 4.9% of sex workers have HIV. But i personal believe it is because they put altogether males and transexuals on these statistic, which these groups are mostly street workers which use drugs or do unprotected sex among them.

There is a free HIV exam (Elisa 4th generation or quick result exam by blood) and in mostly clinics a paid 4th duo exam, which is not expansive. I will get courage to do it.

I really think I penetrated her (or she penetrated me!) twice during this frottage play, a in and out experience without spend any time inside.

Two facts that i didnt mention: I had a circumcision 3 years ago and suffer from balanitis time to time (some lesions appear and my penis get red small marks).

Do you think my risks get any higher ?

I appreciate your answer for this last time.

Thank you very much.

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I got courage and went today in a STD clinic to get tested.
I did a blood quick test, 5 weeks after my risky exposure (I am pretty sure 2 brief penetration ocurred) and got all results negative . HIV , Hepatitis B and C and Syphilis.

Can I move on or you would recommend me to do a p24 anti HIV test ?

Thank you again.
I really appreciate your effort to deal with theses cases where anxious and guilty people like me look for some comfort and advice.

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Given how low risk the exposure was (even if there was brief penetration, this was virtually no risk at all), your 5 week negative rapid test is very reliable and you can go forward with complete confidence you were not infected. However, for a definitive result you'll need to have a duo test as discussed above; or another stand-alone antibody test at 6-8 weeks.  Either test should be lab-based, not a rapid test in the clinic.

I'm confident nowhere near 5% of all sex workers in Brazil have HIV.  That statistic has to come from some sort of highly selected group; it's not realistic at a nationwide level.

Thanks for the thanks.  But it's time to move on.  Best wishes.
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Please let me know if I need to post a new question to get an answer, or you could give me an final answer. I have dificulties to talk about this to a doctor here.

After the test I did, I started to look for symptoms due my anxiety and investigated myself all over the neck and underarms.
Monday I started to feel a discomfort on my right armpit and on the other day the discomfort passed to the right side, now 2 days.A big area on both sides look swollen.

This symptoms change yout statment? Am I soroconverting now or this happen maybe because I have been poking the area or other reason ?

Didnt felt fever or other condition.

Thank you again and sorry to bother you.

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You are examining yourself too closely, and your anxieties are leading you to notice minor body sensations that don't mean anything.  

Re-read my comments above.  Feel free to have an HIV test for reassurance, and to return with another comment to let me know the result.  But no other comments until then.  (And definintely do not start a new thread with the same questions.  It would be deleted without reply, and without refund of the posting fee.)
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