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Brain injury
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Brain injury

My baby is 8 month old.at the time of birth,due to lack of oxygen her brain has injured.she is suffering from spasm convulsions.MRI brain is done at the age of 6 month.its report shows-
1. mild prominence of the cortical sulci in bilateral temporofrontoparietal lobesand interior interhemisphere fissure.
2. Bilateral slyvian fissures are prominent.
3. Ventricular system shows mild prominence.
4. corpus callosum is thin.
5. Unmyelinated frontoparietal perventricular and deep white matter is hyperintense on T2 sequences.
6. T2 hyperintence signals with high ADC values noted in bilateral perirolandic region.
7. no diffusion abnormalities.
9. no acute infarcts.
10. brain stem and cerebellum shows normal signal intensity.
11. both thalmi and basal ganglia show normal signal intensity.

i want to ask that which functionality of my baby gets affected ?what can i do for her whole development.
her physiotherapy has been started.tratement for the convulsion is going on.

Please help me to understand which part of brain is injured & what is their function?  
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Unmyelination and hyperintensities mainly signal injury, and ADA studies probably show infarction.  This can delay developmental milestones, and affect both motor and speech—the intensity may vary depending on growth and physiotherapy. It may affect IQ as well, hence with age physiotherapy would also need to involve mental exercises.
However, a detailed assessment can only be made by a pediatric neuro-psychiatrist and you must consult one.
Hoe the best for your baby! Take care!
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