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Ablation for Paroximal Etopic Atrial Tachycardia
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Ablation for Paroximal Etopic Atrial Tachycardia

I have been told I have Paroximal Etopic Atrial Tachycardia.  The way my Cardiologist described it is that a few cells from my sinus node migrated over to a different part of my atium when I was developing (fetus I suppose), and this little patch sometimes sttarts it's own beat.   For me it only happens for a few beats (3-6), though lately this has increased.  I have been told by some that ablation is an option, but my Cardiologist says that it is hard for and EP to find a ablate that responsible area.  

What I am wondering is will this condition slowly get worse (happen more frequently).  If so, at what point is ablation a good coice for this type of SVT.

Also, is this the same thing as focally-driven tachycardia?

Thanks in advance

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Avatar f tn
I don't know the answer to your questions.  I am hoping someone else does!  I too have atrial tachycardia, and my EP also said it was more difficult to find the responsible area of the heart and ablate it with atrial tachycardia than it is for other SVT ablations.  

Mine also lasts up to 10 seconds and then stops.  Very weird.

Did your EP mention anything about atrial tachycardia being a precursor for atrial fibriallation?  Mine did, but then backed off a bit and said it depended on what type of atrial tachycardia it is.  I didn't quite understand.  I have another appt in a few weeks, so I will continue to ask my questions!
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Hi annie1724,

I don't have an EP... just a cardiologist.  He says it is totally benign, but also mentioned that it is difficult to ablate.

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