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Anteroseptal Accessory Pathway Ablation- experiences please?
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Anteroseptal Accessory Pathway Ablation- experiences please?

Hi there,
I am in the process leading up to a catheter ablation for my SVT.
After having some ECG's done, the surgeon has indicated that there are signs that my problem area is in the left side of my heart, so possible ablation will occur there. This requires a small hole being made in the heart to access it.
I have had the surgery explained, but would appreciate anyone's experiences with the surgery and any problems that may have occurred along the way.
No need to worry if your experience was bad - I just like to be well informed!
Thank you in advance.
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The left side of the heart is a common location of accessory pathways.  Mine was located there as well.  Access to the left side is done by a transseptal puncture.  The catheter is literally pushed through the tissue dividing the heart's chambers.  In about 2% of the population, the septum doesn't seal completely, and resembles overlapping sliding doors.  My EP always checks this and was delighted to find this alternate path present in my heart.  Access to the left side can then be done by threading the catheter through the overlap thus avoiding the puncture.  Recuperation is much faster, and there is less pain afterwards.  People who have had left side ablations done report short, sharp pain during the  recuperation period.  By contrast, I had only a dull ache for several weeks following my procedure.  My AVRT required 17 connecting burns to bridge the wide conductive muscle tissue.  I'm always around if you have any questions.  You can also check my journals, and those of Jannie411 who has a very complete journal record of her procedure from start to finish.
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Thank you very much Tom. As always, a full response.
I shall read the journals now with interest.
Thank you.
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My PVI ablation involved access to the left atrium. My EP never mentioned the possibility of the alternate path through the septum. I assume he had to push through. I didn't feel anything at the time; the burns were much more painful. My recovery has been slow and consistent. Not sure how much of the dull aching and fatigue I've experienced was because of the septum puncture. The burns themselves seem much more likely to be the cause.
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