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Hard heart beat, temples/head.
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Hard heart beat, temples/head.

Hi thanks in advance for anyone with info regarding my situation. I'm 22 years old, Male, currently taking 100mg Losartan/Hctz 25mg for hypertension, briefly I'm 6'3 230 pounds, relatively active I've played sports most of my life (basketball, football, workout).. diagnosed 6 months ago. Could this be the medicine symptoms or something serious?

I can be sitting down after a day of exercise and I can feel (and hear) my heart beat through my head, the temple regions specifically.  If I put my hand up against the temple I can feel my heart beat, and the vein/blood vessel bulges out the side of my head.

Also when I am running, playing a sport with friends, I can hear my heart beat in my head/temple/ears. My bloodpressure resting averages about 135/75 typically with meds...I never had this sensation until after my diagnoses 6 months ago, which came with anxiety from worrying about death, and dying, heart attack, anneyurisum...an other Heath problem it may cause.

There is no pain, but it does bother me and cause me to slow down sometimes.  When I am sitting around it sometimes make me think that I am going to have a heart attack and die, or temples may burst over time...but I do not know what to do.  Sometimes I take a nap and it is less when I wake up, or when I wake up in the am.

This beating also can happen during the day if I stand up from sitting down, I will get the dizzy feeling you get when you stand up too quickly, and then I will hear my heart start beating.  Sometimes I will be standing, then go up 6 stairs and then I will feel the heart beat through my head. Temple pulse also happens after eating.

Lastly: Tests I've had an EKG (showed mild thickening) but my Heart echo didn't show any thickening, just have a mild leaky valve. I've had a head ct scan for headache/sinuses all was normal, also a head MRI, kidney Renal was normal. I don't have insurance so it's really hard to visit a doctor here. Thanks for reading hope an pray someone can help been trying to get help for 6 months...god bless an thank you

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I don't understand how this symptom started, sounds like you've lead a healthy life style, and if you are big boned and muscular you weight may be okay too... I too go about 230 but am 6' 5" (was 6' 6" before age got to me).  I know I have at least 5 pounds of unneeded fat around my waist.  Enough on that....

You seem to have an unusual death fear for someone 22, someone my age naturally has one as most of my life is behind me, yours is ahead of you.

Is there any family history of heat problems or death from heart failure?  If not, draw strength from that, you most likely have a good or better heart...even cardiovascular system given you athletic history.

Your hear examine results look pretty good to me, I had a leaky mitral valve for many years and didn't have to do anything about it until age 67.. boy that's a long way off for you.  I take the echo over the EKG when it comes to measuring physical size and function of the heat and its components, including wall thickness.  

Best I can offer at this point is try to get you BP and weight down a few points/pounds and try to enjoy life - you mental state surely is putting a strain on your heart and may be the cause of your elevated BP.  

Sorry you haven't gotten other inputs/replies.. maybe my reply will stimulate more helpful inputs.

I'm betting you are going to be fine if you stop worrying.  
Thanks a lot  for your response Jerry it means a lot to me! I don't know my dad but he is African American, my mom is white ( I don't know her medical history either) but she is alive, 41 yrs old, over weight.... but my half sister (same mom) has hypertension and takes meds at 26 yrs old. I have a lot of down time to think and I can feel my pulse through my head(temple, scalp) makes think it's my Bp is high

I take my meds, I eat pretty healthy, I stay active, seems like my numbers won't stay at a healthy number...averages 135/80 with meds...it's frustrating honestly, I don't smoke, drink, or anything...I've seen a lot of family members die over the years (health) and it's affected me a little. But hearing all the deaths, and health problem that come with hypertension worrys me Jerry cause I'm doing all I can.

God bless and I'll stay posted on this forum
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