Heart beating fast. Plz help
by Misoitani, Nov 17, 2012
Help please. I am 28 female /average build
Tall: 172 /weight: 65
An hour ago my heart suddenly just started beating fast. It felt like it was gonna burst up.
I wasn't doing an effort. I kinda froze. Didn't know what to do. It lasted about 20 to 30 min.
I googled the problem ( yes seems stupid) but I am all alone here. :(
I just made  an appointment on Monday with a doctor... But I can't wait for Monday .
Plz does any one have an exact idea of what might this be
I am really freaking out here...
I read that some one kept having this on and off and out of no where...
I felt close of dying... I don't want to feel that again :s
What is wrong with my heart
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by michellepetkus, Nov 17, 2012
Until you get it captured you won't know exactly what it is but it sounds like classic SVT. and it sounds a lot like the kind I had, AVNRT.  Mine felt very manic and would start and stop on a dime.  It isn't at all life threatening but you do want to make sure it stops in a reasonable amount of time so if it lingers much more than a half hour I would head to the ER.  I had the episodes all my life and it only really became disruptive in my life once I reached my 40s.  The fact that this was your first episode it may actually be a bit hard to capture so you may have to keep an eye on it and may only really need to do anything about it if it ever becomes frequent enough to disrupt your life.  I would say go see your doctor and get a general check up and make sure they check your thyroid for issues as that can cause the heart to act up as well.  I would also ask f they can do an ekg on you because on it the may be able to tell if your type is possibly WPW.  There are signs of that on the ekg even if you are not in the middle of an episode but do read up on vasovagal maneuver so if it happens again you can try and get it to stop on your own. But do read up on SVT supraventricular tachycardia.  I can't say for certain that is what you have but it sounds very much like that is your issue and in a healthy heart it really is of no danger to you.  It is mostly a nuisance so try to remain calm if it happens because stressing about it will make is worse.  Good luck at the doctor I do wish you success getting this captured and diagnosed sooner rather than latter but just try to go with the flow and things will be fine.  Stay strong and if you have any more questions let us know.  
by Misoitani, Nov 17, 2012
I want to know more about
SVT supra ventricular tachycardia
I will check it out
But what is
Thanks for ur quick reply
by Misoitani, Nov 17, 2012
AVNRT. AV nodal reentrant tachycardia
WPW Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome
Thanks again
by demps123, Nov 17, 2012
I also had svt before I had a successful ablation. Wpw and avrnt are just differen't types of svt. If you get it again trying taking a big breath in, hold it for a few secs then breath out. Or try bearibg down like you are trying to have a pooh. These movements can help yourheart to go bavk into normal rhythm. Mine usually just sorted it's self out again after a few mins of manic beatting. Untill you have an ekg you wont no what it is exactly. But don't panic
by razzelfratz, Nov 19, 2012
When my heart first started doing the fast pace thing, dunking my face in cold ice water in a big bowl helped. now I just get down one the ground with my chest to my knees and breath in and how deeply and concentrate on my heart slowing down. Iv had svt now for about 3 going on 4 years. Just remain calm when it happens
by tom_h, Nov 19, 2012
This sounds like it could be some form of SVT.  I concur with what others have suggested.  WPW is a form AV reciprocating tachycardia, or AVRT.  It is what I had for 54 years, and towards the end occured about 3-5 times per month.  The good news is that SVT is usually not dangerous if now allowed to run on and on.  It can become a problem if it continues into your senior year as it was doing with me.  The cure is relatively easy with today's technology and you usually walk in and walk out the same day followed by a couple of days to recuperate.

For now, oberserve and jot down what your feeling if it happens again, and mention it to your physician.  Drug therapy can help, but patients often have breakthroughs as I did, and eventually opted to have it fixed.
by riicky92, Nov 20, 2012
It sounds like some sort of svt to me but I'm not a doc I live with svt for 3 years the best thing that works for me is bend down like your goin to the toilet and hold your breth for 30 sec and slowly breth out and plz trust me when I say don't googiel it it will just make you panic more and like ppl have said its not goin to kill you but if it last more then 30 to an hr go to er or even better go as soon as it happens then they will have more chance of picking it up