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I have I would say between 10 - 100 missed or dropped beats or just irregular beats a day.  I will just be sitting at my computer or walking or whatever and I can feel this beat, beat, flutter, pause, thump.  It is rather unnerving!

I have been to a cardio and had a holter and stress test etc.  and they say my heart if "perfect".

I am a 48 year old female and had this for years.  I read on the internet that everyone gets these irregular beats daily and MOST people don't feel them (which I find hard to believe).

I always read that "occasional" irregular beats are fine and everyone has them.  I just would like to know the definition of "occasional".  Would let's say one an hour be "occasional"?  

On occasion I also sometime get what feels like a skip every 4th beat or so and it lasts for hours and then goes away.  Is that quite common as well?  I hate the feeling of them.

The cardio has told me that I am just "tuned in" to these beats and just to ignore them.  I am having a difficult time ignoring them though.
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Pvc's are unnerving and aggravating to say the least, no matter the amount you have.  Believe me, I know what you're talking about "feeling" I felt every one of my over 54,000 daily [2,250 per hour or 37 per minute] and now I have them again after surgery and feel them - just alot less in numbers, sometimes it feels like a jackhammer is knocking on my chest.

Since you've been to a dr, have you gotten a copy of your results?  That might be helpful for you to see when & what's causing yours.  Also, try process of elimination & keeping track of when you feel them to see if there's a pattern. I know some people feel them worse with anxiety, stress, too much caffeine, alcohol, exercise....the list goes on.

My ep said between 6,000 - 8,000 pvc's 24/hr were when he would treat with meds, anything above 15-20% of the total 24/hr heartbeats; they would look at surgery, unless there are other problems involved.
10-100 per day would be classified as "infrequent".  > 6,000 per day is classified as frequent.  Other guidelines suggest >8,000 per day or 20% of heart beats as being frequent.

PVC every other beat is called Bigeminy  (1 normal beat followed by a PVC and continuing this way)
PVC every third beat is called trigeminy (2 normal beats followed by a PVC and continuing this way)
PVC every forth beat is call quadgeminy (3 normal beats followed by a PVC and continuing this way)

Anything more than this frequency is called 'Isolated"

Sounds like to me you have infrequent isolated PVC, sometime you experience quadgeminy.  This is not uncommon.

2 PVCs in a row is called a couplet
3 in a row is called a triplet
>3 in a row is called a "run" or "Salvo", and is technically ventricular tachycardia or VT.    30 seconds is sustained VT or some will just call it VT.

Porbably more than you needed or wanted to know :-)  YOur doc is right though, nothing to fear from these.
I, too, have heart palpitations or fluttering.  I also had a complete work up from my cardio and he said all was normal.  I had ekg, echo, bloodwork and wore a monitor for two weeks.  I asked why I still get the fluttering and was told it was stress or too much caffeine.  I do not drink coffee and only de-caf tea.  As far as stress, well, isn't everyone under some type of stress from time to time.  I notice my heart fluttering when I am calm and no stress.  I am puzzled, as you are.  I'm not sure what else to do at this point.  Can anyone give me some advise.  Thanks!
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