The flu..and palpitations..UGH!
by Ihatepalps2, Feb 28, 2008
Hi! The flu is in our house. My teenage son has it, and my husband is starting to show symptoms... I am ok yet. I had the flu shot..but Ive heard that this years flu shot is not quite doing its job. Im wondering....anybody out there that had the flu see an increase in palpitations? I am planning on NOT getting the flu..ha ha.... ( yea..right!) but I just wondered if having it has any connection to increased palps?
Anybody out there been through the flu that has palps? What was your experience related to heart palpitations...?
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by sueinns, Feb 28, 2008
I have had very benign, ignorable, palpitations for years but in December of 2006, I had my first episode of SVT and frequent PVC's.  Two days later I was in bed with the flu.  Normally, you are infected for a couple of days before the symptoms hit.  Maybe it was a coincidence, but all my problems started during that bout with the flu in 2006.
by dede1969bcg, Feb 28, 2008
well...im 38ys old and im tellin you....ive had a racing heart for about 14ys now....and im gonna tell ya...every time i get the flu or any kind of cold...my heart race really fast...i mean like 200bpm....i end up in the hospital to get meds to slow it to normal....im gonna also tell ya..the first time it happened i was taking Dymatap...it will send my heart crazy....cold med has caused alot of problems for me...i have to stick with meds from my doc....maybe the advice will help you...OTC drugs is a no-no for.me...just soup and anti-biotics........hope you be ok
by dolfnlvr, Feb 28, 2008
Yeah...you'll see that whenever I'm afraid I'm getting sick I come here and ask for support.  When I get a stomach bug especially I get episodes of SVT and they really scare me.  So, now I nearly set myself up for panic attacks every time a family member gets ill because I want to stay healthy so as to avoid the SVT.  The illness doesn't scare me at all.  You get sick, you sleep, you take meds, you get well.  But the SVT and increased PVC's make it so worrisome and downright scary as to make the whole thing nightmarish.

There is a health supplement available at WalMart and GNC called EMERGEN-C.  You add it to water and drink 1-2 packs a day.  It is completely harmless and the increased vitamin C truly helps to boost the immune system.  I take that stuff like it was gold in the winter (it's better than AIRBORN).  My best friend is a chemist and she fully supports the stuff and has shown me literature that supports its benefits.  And if nothing else she has shown me that it is completely harmless...so even if it is purely a placebo effect...I'm not inadvertently hurting myself like you can with some supplements.

Good health.........