Deep breathing causes cough
by ddm967, Dec 07, 2010
Hello forum members:  I'm concerned because I have noticed that I tend to cough more these days.  When I take in a deep breath thru my mouth--it triggers a dry cough.  If I take in a deep breath thru my nose--then there is no trigger to cough.  It's just breathing via my mouth that does it--mainly on deep breaths.  Sometimes, I'll just cough periodically though through-out the day due to a sense of tickle in my chest/throat area that kinda forces me to cough.  It seems to be worse at night, after eating dinner/snack too.  I can cough quit a bit after dinner and as I'm resting in bed or lying down.  The cough doesn't wake me up at night though and to my knowledge--I don't cough while sleeping.  I also don't cough much during the day but it just depends.  But breathing, especially deep breathing makes me have a dry cough.  

Not coughing up blood or anything, just a dry cough.  It's not a constant cough either, but at the same time--for me it's not normal to cough so much and especially when breathing in/out.  I tend to think the worst in every scenario.  Here again, I'm thinking the "hidden" signs of possible lung cancer.  

I am not a smoker, never have smoked, but in the back of my mind--I know folks who've had lung cancer and never smoked either.  I guess I read online that possible symptoms of lung cancer is:  coughing or a new cough, wheezing, etc., those are the only two symptoms I'm experiencing or have experienced thus far.  I have wheezed before--but not recently.  About 5 months ago when my husband & I got a new mattress, I got up the next couple of mornings after sleeping on it--wheezing sometwhat -almost like a little baby kitten meow.  When I'd breath it sounded like a kitten's meow.  I truly thought my husband was hiding a kitten in the house from me--& he heard the meow sound too and we even started looking around the house for this kitten.  It took me a little while before I realized that it was me making that meow sound.  That really startled me & didn't seem normal.  It went away later that day and it was probably due to sleeping on a new softer mattress with my head positioned flatter on the bed than normal or something to that effect.  

My breathing and coughing problem isn't in my head and I do find myself coughing more these days.  I know it's the time of year for folks to have congestion and bronchial/respiratory type of problems and that could be the case for me--don't know, but I'm also concerned that something else might be going on too.  So that's why I wanted to ask anyone in this forum if they've had a similar experience and if it turned out to be the beginning stages of lung cancer, etc., or something else.  I really don't have a reason to think it's something like cancer but then again--I know it could be as well.  My grandfather (mother's dad) died of lung cancer at age 62 back in 1979.  I'm 43years old & overweight/obese.  Sometimes I think I might cough more due to being overweight and the "fat" around my mid-section affecting my lungs & breathing.  I'm working towards getting RNY Gastric Bypass surgery hopefully in late Feb/March 2011 to help me lose the weight.  I'm actually getting a chest x-ray, barium swallow test, & EKG this Friday (all related to the weight loss surgery procedures) so perhaps the chest x-ray will shed some light on my coughing problem, of what's going on with my lungs.  I really have no reason to think I have lung cancer, but I know it's a silent killer and sneaks up on folks with hardly any noticable symptoms.  I've felt fine up until say the past month or 2...seems like the cough has picked up over the last few weeks as well.  Maybe I do have some type of respiratory bug/infection or something similar, but I'm concerned it could be something more.  

If anyone has had a similar experience with coughing spells (especially upon taking a deep breath) & it was your ONLY symptom & turned out to be first stages of lung cancer--please drop me a line.  I'd love to chat via email with you.  I'm hoping I'm making more out of this cough than I should, but I'm also realistic about the possibilities that the cough could be signaling something more serious regarding my lungs.  I'm a worry-wart that doesn't help much.  Here's to hoping it's just a respiratory infection, cold/cough, or something similar.  :-)  Thanks for your time/concern.  ** ALSO is LUNG CANCER hereditary--does it run in families?  Just curious if anyone knows.  THANKS

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by kedo72, Dec 14, 2010
google watercress soup or

I hope this is not too simple for you and you disregard it. It actually works
by sincereme12, Oct 15, 2012
Hello there,

Did you ever find out what it was? I am currently experiencing the same thing and it is really concerning me.

by jebuz, Oct 16, 2012
Wow: unbelievable. I came here for the same reason as sincereme12 and cannot believe in the two years this has been up no-one has posted anything at all useful.

What a worthless community, why is this website even still running?
by mayaorana, Dec 05, 2012
i was searching the web for the same problem. my mom, 59 yrs with high triglyceride and hypothyroid is suffreing from vasomotor rhinitis for 3 months and recently with running nose and all, she started coughing and one day I was sitting close to her and heard this kitten meowing! I was shocked and concerned, however couldn't find anyrhig useful so far apart from the watercress soup. please can anyone help me?