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Just told ANA Positive - suffering over 5yrs now
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Just told ANA Positive - suffering over 5yrs now

Hi Everyone,

Was just dx by fertility Dr. after recent miscarrige with speckled pattern ANA 1:40.  I have been suffering since a car accident and birth of my child with chronic pain on mostly my left side.  Over the past five years I have had numerous tests MRI, CT Scan, Colonoscopy x 2, some blood work, and was dx with Fibromyalgia and Celiac.  Stopped eating glutten but pain in muscles and joints, fatigue symptoms are getting worse.  I can barely walk in the morning without extreme pain, I have a rash that looks like purple blood blisters from time to time on my knees elbows and trunk area, I am soooo tired but get anxitey and cant sleep alot of the time, I have slight fever almost everyday and feel like crap (flu) almost every day, my joints especially my left knee, hip and ankle hurt so bad I want to cry everyday but still do the things I need too especially because I have a young child, I had a sever bout of depression last winter, and am constantly freezing especially my hands and feet.  I have just recently noticed swelling in my left leg but the Dr. keep brushing me off like a bad rash, I have a red rash on my face that I thought was rosecia it is on my cheeks an  across my nose.  I have thought for a long time that I might have Lupus but Dr say no you have Fibromyalgia.  Now that I got fertility Dr to test me for miscarrige and ANA came back positive family Dr is sending me to Reumotologist.

I am a little peved that it has taken this amount of time for the complaints to finally be taken seriously.  I never went to the doctor so much in the past 35yrs as I have in the last five.

Does someone know if my symptoms relate to Lupus or could it be that Celiac is still casuing these symptoms?  Ever since I stopped eating gluttem my stomach problems blood in stool and sever cramps have stopped. I feel much better not eating glutten for sure but definatly miss bread and sweets that tastes good.  Sorry for such a long post but trying to make sure I don't miss anything.

Thanks to all who can help in my situation :)
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Sorry to hear you are going through the mill. It sounds like this could be a systematic illness, due to multiple problems.

You definately need a heumatologist for a full auto-immune blood profile, There are many auto-immune diseases, with symptoms which overlap other illnesses, so it is hard to just pinpoint a specific disease, as they all have overlapping symptoms.
Getting the bloodwork is best, and can sometimes pinpoint or tell them which auto-immune illnesses this could be.

You definately need a full Lupus profile doing.

Also you mention leg swelling , and rashes, and miscarriage. and a purpuric rash, the ones which look like blood blisters.
For this you also need testing for APS, being Antiphospolipid Syndrome.
This is two simple bloodtests, being LA= Lupus anticoagulant. and ACL= Anticardiolipin antibodies.
APS, can cause miscarriage, and swellings, along with the purple rash you mention.
It is also a auto-immune disease of the blood, and can also be secondary to Lupus, along with many other auto-immune diseases.

I hope with the information i have given this will help you a little, you definately need to be seeing a rheumatologist, for further testing.
If i can be off anymore help just give me a shout.

I am wishing you well
I would suggest two things...see a Hematologist, one that is a specialist in immune disorders of the blood. (IgG,IgM, IgA checked, plus get checked for anti-Phospholipid syndrome, it can cause miscarriages and also DVT's if not treated)
Secondly, look into seeing a Rheumatologist, preferably one with a degree in immunology also, double degree or at least an internship in immunology. They need to have expertise in Vasculitis diseases,  when making an appointment ask if they have any Behcets, WG or any other Vasculitis patients first. You have symptoms that can match Behcets or a few other Vasculitic Diseases, but also some other diseases also that they would treat. One has to go to the right Specialists that know about these diseases and keep going until you have answers. I have more than one disease process and this is not unusual. I wish you the best of luck as it is a journey finding the right doctor, depending where one lives. Remember it is so important to keep on fighting to find the right doctor for yourself and your loved ones.
Thanks for your advise, I have an appointment with the Rheumotologist in April so far away and some more blood work tests that should be coming back by the end of the month so hopefully this will help with my dx.  I will update when I have news.  To all who are suffering be well and stay positive. :)
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